Think I found the next DLC



I was going through the DefaultGame.ini file so that I could turn off the startup movies when I noticed this…

Does this mean the next DLC will be a Pict DLC?


Nice find. And yes, this is just more “heavy” evidence of what we already know. Jens giggled like a kid before Christmas who knows what they are getting for presents during one of the various streams a few weeks ago when a Pict DLC was suggested for an idea. Unless Funcom is going way out of their way to misdirect, I personally think the rumors in this case are true.


Whats…Pict, precious?


Behold, the Conan wiki link

And how Funcom used them in AoC if you are curious.


i wonder if a PICT DLC , should have t3 walls … or t0 lol


I think that’s actually a legitimate question. I think it would be awesome to have a new tier 1 option, maybe wood or bone. Picts are primitive after all, living in wooded areas or whatever.

Not sure how a Pict building could be tier 3. Not a lore buff, but in AoC the Picts in Tortage made thier homes amongst stone structures, though I can’t remember if those structures were ancient ruins that the Picts used, or built themselves. Pretty sure they just inhabitanted the ruins.


maybe., but yet again , level 60 content is more important at this point of time than tier 1 mats. (also you dont really need to charge people for walls that wont be there for long. (as most people will upgrade to t3 stuff. …

unless this DLC has nothing regaring buildings parts (Except placeables)


Just make sure it’s made with insulated wood or black ice. Had enough of bricks to last me a lifetime.


Good finding! :+1:

Looking forward to a more savage themed DLC after the rather nice but civilized packs of Khitan and Aquilonia. A variation in T1 and even more T2 would really be great, too! So many times I wanted to build a smalle keep with T3 walls and towers but wooden huts with straw roofs just for the looking. :heart_eyes:


Maybe the Picts will be the ones to finally realize using string and pegs to measure BEFORE you build in stone is a great idea, heh!

From the wiki page:

Initially they live in caves and trees, but later in tents of hides and brush-thatched huts of mud and wattle, as they learned from the Bossonians.

Hmm… Not sure how I feel about the idea of Picts as the next DLC, actually. I mean I’m fine with anything, because if it doesn’t do it for me (like Khitan), I can just avoid buying it. Mainly to avoid further cluttering up an already unwieldy building menu. Or if I love the style (like the Aquilonian) I can. No problem.

Pictish sounds… limited, in nature. Maybe it’ll be a mini-DLC to provide something at a lower price point than the full-sized packs. Or maybe it’ll have a different focus than building elements / weapons - just because that was the focal point for the first two, who says that’s all we’ll be seeing?

For the record I don’t have a problem with the price of the other packs, but I’ve heard a few complaints about it.

Stegosaurs though… hmm, Dinosaurs in Conan Exiles… that reminds me of something, can’t quite put my finger on it…


:orange_book: Updated Upcoming features to reference this.

Could someone else please confirm that this line is present?


Yes, one of the most popular mods today is “Exiles Architect” with mason ropes and walkways. I hope Funcom will be wise enough to integrate it into the vanilla game. It’s very, VERY convenient!


Maybe it was a triple bluff? :wink: Or maybe we’re just calling it “Pict DLC” as a misdirect? Or maybe…!


Whats wrong JEV, had a talk with the marketing guys? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



i want to have a frost giant thrall… so hope funcom releases a frost giant DLC. XD


busted :rofl:


It’s there.


Either way, DLC or not, I can’t wait for the next patch. I’ve been roleplaying a pict for two weeks now and it’s been so much fun, with the archery update and the ability to use throwing axes for offhand attacks with a mace… I will finally be able to look like a real pict when I go out kidnapping people. :smiley:


If Picts are, indeed, the next DLC, I desperately hope that their light armor option will be woad (essentially, a war paint that acts just like regular armor, for the sake of convenience).


I really enjoyed the last 2 DLCs, my wallet is ready for the next one.