Thinking of starting up my private again

Tagged it suggestion, but that is I am open to good thought out communciation and suggestions on how to accomplish a more game and less personal PVP.

I have an idea, and wanted feed back to see if i should even waste my money.

Playing PVP both official and some privates, i have learned that somewhere along the line the game is really personal when not moderated. And when moderated, gets touchey as well on privates due to perceived (or real) favoritism by admins.

I have a few ideas I think that could lead to satisfying both the virtual warriors, and thecompetitive more casual players.

  1. As an Admin, stay out of everything that is pure game play related. Only get involved in exploiting such as under meshing. Duping is hard to prove, but that may be easier if i add my first server rule set up
  2. Harvest rate management during non raid and raid time. My server would be weekend raiding (Friday 6 pm eastern until 6 pm eastern Sunday night.) During that time Harvest Rates would be 10x. All other times it would be 1 x. This removes the tilt factor for those that may have weekday responsibilities.
  3. PVP (melee) would be 24/7.

Now so far these are pretty much standard. this is where being creativemay bring the game back into it, and take out the personal.

  1. 4 Man clan Max
  2. Every Clan would be allowed a perma-base. This base location would be shared in the discord. It would be marked as well. It would be tied to clan size.
    Solo gets a 225 sq foundations (15 x 15) area , and for each additional clan mate add 2, so 4 man clan is 441 sq foundations (21 x 21) . No more than 10 stories at its highest point from the first full foundation above ground.
    No other clan could do damage to that base. They would be allowed to kill or steal anything they could access, but no damage to structures. Clan would only be allowed 1 Vault in that area (ghost mode to verify if reported to admin). No Altars on that land claim…that ties into number 6.
  3. To raid, a clan must build a T3 Altar base. Anywhere on legitimate game map. This base cannot exceed 64 sq foundations (8x8), but can be as tall as they want. If this base is destroyed, any loot gained is kept by either side, the losing team must pay the winning team x amount of bronze coins per player on losing team by next raid weekend. If they cannot pay, their home base is now allowed to be raided as any other base.
  4. Any FOB built without a T3 Altar can be offlined at any time during raid weekend.
  5. Any base exceeding the area size rules can be offlined at any time during raid weekend after admin verification.
  6. Weapons and armor durability would be halfvd to push more repairng/making new (tools would be left alone, as they have a different setting).
  7. Horse PVP (until hopefully balanced by Funcom) would only be allowed by a clan if they have a T3 altar in the map grid square, or on their own property (within a bases walls), or in the desert area around sinking hole, and both the safaris (center of map and west of map).
  8. Thrall Cap would by 35 for a solo, and then 5 per player in clan. 4 Man clan would be 50.
  9. No main bases in volcano or along its outer rim.
  10. Blockage of short cuts is allowed, IE deserters gutter area, norht safari between highlands and whit tiger spawn.
  11. Fence stacking would be limited to 1 foundation thick. (So basically 4 deep). Verified randomly by admins in ghost mode.
  12. Any breaking of the rules would lead to the clans main base being open to raiding, clan open to being offlined, or ban depending on severity per admin discretion, with input from servers players welcomed.
  13. Events would be set up and ran by clans, with admins approval of rules.
  14. All map rooms must be on home base, or t3 Altar FOB. No placing in open by map obbies.
  15. Bronze coins are used to buy from admin. No purge thralls, named fighters, pets or named archers. Can be used to purchase a T3 Altar, Archpriest, zeal ( i think it can be admin in, been a while), building supplies for an clan controlled and built arena bigger than allowed specs but pen to being raided though (verified mats used for that purpose–amount dependent on bronze coins used).
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To me, the game has not been aobut what i thought it was going to be. Raids. not wipes, or personal trolling of lesser clans, but raiding. Both building and defending, and destroying and attacking. I think the main idea i though was making ti cost something to raid, the T3 Altar. It is sort of a capture the flag in that sense. but the rewards would have to be balanced to make it worth both defending and attacking these bases.

Constructive thoughts are welcomed. Even ones that point out possible loop holes. The idea is to catch and maybe understand loop holes and how to deal with them before i sink 200$ into this again. This i for a console Private. Bro clans can comment, as long as they understand i am not trying to change their precious officials.

I have played on enough privates to also quickly identify ones that have a super clan that is either friends with admin or admins are afraid of punishing because they don’t like confrontation. No private should ever have just one super clan, as that means something is very unbalanced. Having a few big clans means that more styles can play on it. Alphas are for officials, privates should have balanced groups as much as possible.

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