Thinking what is after 'Age of Sorcery'

I hope all these Ages come true in the future. Loved the ideas, everyone!


Age of savagery or w/e … I couldn’t resist… I see this upcoming update as a perfect opportunity to expand on some races in the near future… ahem… like kush and darfari tribal buildings.

Age of Dinosaur

New Map, DIno Island Here We Come!!!


I wanna see an Age of Thieves - stealth and camouflage mechanics, new religion (Bel god of Thieves), thug/thief weapons. Bandit or highwayman masks. I want a mask that covers only the lower face. Lock picking!

Honestly though all these ideas are great. I’m so ready for the update.


Age of Empires! uh…no wait.



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More facial hair options and facial hair on thralls:

Age of Beards


Age of Devious Desires.
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age of piratery (with boats)

age of settelement (with city-life etc…)

Age of music (with playable instrument)

I’d love to see a full racial over haul where each race gets different attribute bonuses and benifits, as well as negitives like,

Nordheimers being more resilient to the cold but less so in heat,

Dafari start with the ability to eat raw meat naturally

Cimmerian’s can make hardened steel earlier then other races.

small stuff like that that can fit with the original Conan lore

I know what I’d like to see, but I am afraid what we will see is The Age of Whining about changes made to the game.

One of the best parts about everything that has happened in the four years I’ve played this game is I’ve had to adjust how I play with every major change. That’s what keeps me coming back.

Well, that and the endless posts from people about this or that change which makes the game unplayable and they are forever quitting this game if Funcom doesn’t put back that one thing they really liked.

Still don’t ride horses.


My god, that was so good!


It’s already out since 2017


Age of the Dead.

Free-Reworking the witch doctor followers from pets to thralls in the grave zone. Instead of corrupted bones, use thrall dragged to the grave. T4-legion warrior (hard level), t3-wight (Medium), T2-Skeleton warrior (medium), T1-skeleton (easy)
Can be equipped with armor and weapons (including bows)

Free-Haunted benches
Soul Fragments can be used to empower a bench for an hour to produce items as their original body was.

Gothic castle building sets and decorations (BP/Store front)

Free-Powder of Corruption, essence of rot, alchemical base = decaying fodder. Undead skins of various animals.

Gargoyle skins for undead animals from Witch Doctor (BP/Store)

Free-New spell-Summon horde. Can summon 1-5 skeletons to assist in fight +40% Corruption

Free-Necromancer torches. Witchfire torches + powder of corruption and power fragment. Same as WF torches with purple glow. Causes corruption effect.



Following the thought of @Usernameextra

Age of Siege Warfare

  • Total Purge overhaul (allow Purges to use siege weapons; the higher the Purge level, the more difficult the warfare level)
  • Total Siege weapon overhaul (trebs can be built faster, more variety in the types of siege engines available)
  • New siege weapons such as Catapults, Mangonels, Battering Rams, Siege Towers, Ballista, Scoripo, Sabuca, Ladders, Shield walls for archers, and so forth. I know we can’t “build” within an enemy’s zone of control, but it would be great to get some “wheeled foundations” that we could construct our own siege tower and then move it up to the edge of an enemy’s wall - maybe by elephants, rhinos, horses, or thralls pulling it).
  • New siege ammo such as poison gas or bee hives
  • Top level purges can summon an Avatar
  • NPC cavalry charges, chariot warfare, and mounted archers
  • NPC castles, bases, fortresses for players to attack and destroy (that NPCs can rebuild and refortify)
  • (I would add tunneling, sapping, moats, earthen ramps, and other terrain-altering features, but I think that’s not possible given how maps are designed in the game)

Age of stygia.

Chariots, building pieces, new spells with Egyptian flare. Armor and animal helms.


It would be nice to see some more ancient looking stygian armors, seems like conan keeps getting closer and closer to medieval stuff

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I have an entire list of things I would like to see.

  1. New maps and stories
    a) Pict Coast - In one of REH’s Conan stories, Conan is traveling through Pict lands when he encounters a shipwrecked noble. I would love to see a map with European forests, Old growth forests deep and dark. Tribes of Picts, maybe gathering under a powerful shaman into a great war host that you have to defeat to escape the area. Maybe an underground area, deep caves full of monsters and prehistoric creatures.
    b) Something set in the past, maybe around the time of King Kull and the sinking of Atlantis. You could be a survivor of the sinking of Atlantis, trapped on an island and having to survive. It would be similar to Siptah, but maybe you have to face the Elder Races before they degenerated? Prehistoric animals and savages.

2 I would also like to see more focus on the Black Lands - African focused building sets and cosmetics, including hairstyles. There is a lot of neat architectual styles from Ghana, Kush, Punt and other African kingdoms and societies. Its weird that we have more Khitian and Yamatai specific styles, when the Conan canon had more in Africa than the far East.

  1. Tie in the other Conan brand games Funcom has. When you beat the game and take off the bracelet, you get a code that you can use to get a special map or resources in the RTS game Conan Unconquered, or a limited class in the Conan MMO.

  2. Give the Siptah map/story a proper ending! I want to climb that tower and find out what happened to Siptah, maybe break the crystal and end the storms. Instead, there is no true ending to the Siptah story line. Or at least it feels that way.

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