Third Party Purge

Since the Purge mechanics are being worked on, I will assume (for the sake of this discussion) that the devs will be successful with it. Yes, a working Purge. Currently, a Purge affects one player base. Its an NPC attempt to remove a player’s (or clan’s) structures.

What I’m proposing, however, is an event where an NPC Purge targets an NPC settlement and players may ‘come to the rescue’. For example, say the Dogs of the Desert mount an invasion of Sepermeru (Relic Hunters). The Dogs attack while the Hunters defend. If the Dogs are successful, perhaps the town becomes ‘infested’ with Dogs running around looking for loot among the dead bodies of the inhabitants. To restore Sepermeru, the player(s) will have to violently remove them. Or say the Dogs attack and the player(s) defends Sepermeru. Maybe after the event, the townsfolk give a 10% discount on their wares for the next hour or some other loot reward.

The specific mechanics and balance will need to be worked out, but that’s the basic idea (manipulating existing mechanics into some fun events in the game).


A poseble next step after a reputation system are made for neutral citys

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