This building can get you a Banish! I want to discuss which points can get you a Ban

Let’s follow the rules and learn from them!

Important points:

1. Even without a map and without a corral.
2. Not having all the altars because it requires distance from one another.
3. No loose blocks or loose lighting.
4. The fishing hut? I put it there to put fish traps, presses and fire.
5. The fishing house would have a corral nearby because the site I built was not flat.
6. I didn’t want to put altars inside the house. Light bothers.

Now I ask where is the error?

In this construction there is an error, which can give you a 1 month or permanent ban, find out where it is.


Please contact me by direct message. I will read every idea of what may have caused a ban.


This thread already got locked once, what makes you think they won’t just lock it again? You were told to appeal with zendesk

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In my opinion, the whole thing is land claim spam, no crafting stations or anything in site. Just a bid empty building and some alters


Apparently you didn’t really want to find out why you were banned, you were already told to report to Zendesk.


I am with purple here. This doesn’t look like a functional base and I can see why it would be reported.


This post is more of a guideline. Zendesk will tell you why, but it won’t tell you exactly. (you were banned for building too much.) but what was it that I built too much?

I just told you, its a big empty building, there is no purpose to it

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Tell me which ones, because it’s still not clear to me. (this is not the official base, it had objects throughout the construction, so it was a representation, I’ll even update it later)

you didn’t read the dots.

In this empty building, could you place all the altars, tables, Thrall and etc?

Why do you need all the alters? also yeah i could def fit all that aside from the alters (they are useless anyway lol) inside that building

To be fair, that thread (or this one) is not to appeal the ban, or even discuss the ban itself, but rather the build. A small distinction maybe, but still.


idk man this look bannable to me.

i don’t think the problem it is too big, the problem TO ME it is that it is empty.

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I’m assuming this building is just a footprint representation, and that the actual build had benches, decorations, and such.

Again, my server has worse offenders both aesthetically and footprint-wise. If what I’m envisioning from your basic description is true, I’m actually curious to what your real building encroached upon. You weren’t blocking an specific spawns were you?

Maybe the reason the construction was considered banishable is because it broke the rule “Bridges, Roads, paths”. I don’t think that path/stairs headding to the river should be enough to grant you a ban, but it’s not very different from this image used to ilustrate this kind of violation:

But in my personal opinion, your construction should not had been banned. It’s not that big and the path/stair doesn’t interfere with anything important.


I have another guess. The building is very close to a boss spawn. With thralls (esp. bowmen) guarding that building it would prob. cause problems.


Maybe, but there is no rule about constructions near a boss spawn. It’s clear that you can’t build preventing a boss spawn or preventing access to a boss. But nothing is said about your thralls “causing problems” to a boss.

There’s a whole bunch of unwritten rules, though. Which is a huge problem IMO. But I’ve had that discussion too many times already.


The non functional exterior landclaim looks like enough to me. There are a bunch of external paths that do nothing but exert landclaim when it could be tighter. Even if it were full inside with benches and altars, the path that leads to the altar is not serving an actual purpose. Its a several disparate parts connected just to be connected.


Bosses could be argued to be a rare resource, as a spot to get keys and legendary weapons. Blocking that is essentially blocking resources

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