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Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Crash | Bug | Performance |
Server type: PvP
Region: UK

Bug 1- Purges not working or crashing the server.

Server host says its just a generic crash, however it was 9/10 times because of a purge. Since turning it off, no crashes.
Whilst purges are on, they were buggy. Glitching into peoples homes even when there is plenty of space around them.

1.Get purge
2.Fight Purge
3.Buggy purge
4.Purge crashes server

I have mods that ADD purges but they do not change yours.

Bug 2- Dungeons

Most of the time the Abyssal Remnant gets stuck and doesn’t attack nor die. Also, ANY dungeon with water sees the thralls get stuck in it, and admin has to ghost through the mesh to obtain them again. They can also disappear when teleporting in and out of the dungeon. Some return, some disappear completely. A couple materialised a week later, guarding outside the dungeon.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Go to dungeon
2. Thrall gets stuck
3. Dungeon sometimes breaks
4. Thrall disappears

I have no mods that alter or add to dungeons.

Bug 3- Disappearing and having an out of body experience.

It has happened to a few of us now where we will ‘see’ but we ‘see’ ourselves or we have disappeared. A relog fixes it.

  1. Stop being able to interact
  2. Look around, sometimes see your character
  3. Watch the world go by
  4. Have to relog

Bug 4- Falling

Quite a few of us now have had experiences where the foundations don’t seem to be there, when they are, and we continuously fall.

  1. Try and walk
  2. Continuously fall
  3. Look around and see everything has loaded in
  4. Pray you stop falling

Bug 5- Player Crashes

Lots of players are now starting to have ‘Fatal Errors’ and having to keep validating files.

  1. Play game normally
  2. Fatal Error for no reason
  3. Validate files
  4. Get back on the server for it to happen again later

Bug 6 - Thralls/Horses/Pets getting stuck in most places

Self explanatory

Bug 7- Thralls not attacking, AIs being glitchy

Some thralls weapons disappear when you equip them .Some just stand there. And AIs seem to teleport all over the place.

  1. Fight AI
  2. Thrall does nothing
  3. AI is magic
  4. Die

Bug 8 -Argossean DLC

The corner ceiling pieces only let you walk one way through them. You use it as a walkway and go through one side, only to be greeted by an invisible wall the other side.

Bug 9- Sandstorm

We have had to turn the sandstorm off on our server for now. Its invisible and sometimes it gets stuck and it doesnt go away.

I understand that there are a few posts noting a couple of these things, but I thought it was worth compiling my issues.

We have checked our mod load order, its fine. Removed outdated mods. Upgraded and moved the server. No other mod users that use the same as ours seem to think the mods are the issues.

I have looked through other peoples posts and it seems it doesnt matter if you are multplayer,
singleplayer, modded, not modded, private or official these bugs keep happening.

I had a look through the testlive patch notes and couldnt see any of these issues addressed.

It seems that you keep ignoring old bugs that keep getting worse, and adding new content instead.

Not only have I paid for this game, but I pay for a server for others to play on for this game too, and currently trying to keep them happy is a hard feat with so many bugs.

Many thanks.

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Have to list all these bugs separately.

Chel, please take the time to read a bit about the forum post:

I’m sure your intent is to help the devs repair troublesome anomalies. And to be honest, it’s a pretty fair compilation.

From my perspective though, it’s not conducive to bug report collection, given that as much data are gathered concerning each issue. There’s someone on the other side of that monitor that does just that, compiling all relevant data on a per-issue basis and forwarding, as a set, to the dev team.

Please help them help us.

There are others on the flip side of your monitor, us. Responding with data and experiences to a post like this allows us to pick the area of interest that each considers their most tested or important issue. What this leads to is a jumbled mess that the first guy has to go through line-by-line and compile into individual files for efficient and comprehensive transmission to the dev team. A waste of time.

While I am sure this is not this case, there are others who use compilations just to try to use issues to get attention for a whine. You can imagine what could happen to those; were I that first Funcom guy, I would relegate them to the circular file.

Since you sincerely want the game to improve, please stick to one issue at a time and be assured that even if you do get quite a few responses to this post, it’s not helping the game, just slowing the process.




Dear lord, I have to make NINE posts?!

sorry, ten now we have found another one with dying on log in if you log off on a bed. Its just a joke really. Ill post 9 posts and get told Im spamming haha!

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