This change could be awesome!


I think the wall are too small. The characters have their head too close to rhe ceiling. Stacking 2 walls is not an aesthetic solution.

This is wath I want to build :

And This is wath I have to build

My little Stygian Kasbah look like a Lighthouse with staked wall…

Would it be possible to have higher wall or “half-wall” building pièce (and half stairs, roof, pillars and so on) ?

I know it will take lot of devlopment but it could be awesome.

Repply or like if you agree.


They already have to coding for two story walls. Just add it to what we’ve already got. Upgraded crafting stations don’t fit in one story buildings anyway so two story walls aren’t just desirable, they are necessary.

I think two story walls are too high for role play reasons. A wall and a half seems to me to be the right size to make the constructions more immersive

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A single-story building does feel cramped, even before the new crafting stations.

Maybe make a shorter character?

Yup, it gets better if you have an open roof rather than a flat one, so I often make the ground floor two walls high, and the first floor one wall + roof. I rarely go to three or more floors, a Hyborian Block O’Flats just doesn’t seem right. But that’s all down to personal taste ofc.

Never say never but I doubt the scope for that kind of expansion exists.

You’d have to go more in the vein of procedural building pieces (I made a proof of concept for myself once, it can work). But it’s hard to get the same visual fidelity you get with handmade pieces.

They have already created original construction pieces with sandstone pieces sold at the bazaar. Such as chimney flues or corner stairs. He could do it for the half floors!

I am glad I am not alone on this issue. For some obscure reason (probably due to ease of development), FUNCOM decided that building system, based on square blocks is a way to go - although there is little to none evidence humans had ever used squares/cubes as their primary building block shape.
But at this stage of the game it is too late to change standard blocks, although we could definitely see more shapes at he Bazaar - for a hefty price, of course :moneybag:.

As someone who did that - making you character shorter or higher may cause all kind of problems - from armor glithcing to inability to go through doors. And this is especially true if you plan to play with mods.

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You can bring the height of a floor up by half with pillars
Done it a few times here:

It is kinda tricky and not perfect, adding half walls that are stack able would be somewhat a solution too…

I don’t think walls would be made bigger it will ruin all current buildings present.


Yes but those all fit within the current system*, with one wall height/width being equal (and due to how triangles work, same width for those).

A half wall exists in the Stable set, but you can’t attach roof pieces to it.

I suppose they could add half-walls with roof sockets, and leave it to players to figure out that it’s all-or-nothing on using them - would be okay, it’s already eminently possible to create an unroofable structure.

Personally I’d have no use for them unless they were added to all building sets, and that won’t happen.

*I guess. Haven’t used them as I’m boycotting the bazaar.

How did you do that? Is there a tutorial somewhere ?

3:50 is the examination of how to do it
There other tutorials as well on YouTube :slight_smile:

Attach the lowered ceilings to a pillar (since the ceilings will not be attached to the walls anymore)


I haven’t watched this so probably I’m way off here. Edit: watched it. Yeah this all completely fine.

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I tested this technique today and it’s hard to put into practice to create half floors. But thanks for sharing. Others, more talented than me, will probably do better with this trick.

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