This game is boring and dead to me

The truth is Conan Exiles for offline mode is awful. There no second controller co-op for offline mode. There no sorcery as of now. “Oh wow mounts are coming!” who cares? Another PVP tool added for easy raiding. Soon to be nerf. I’m so tired of PvP balances. Conan Exiles for offline mode is boring. 101 things to add before mount. The settlement or mini parts of the settlement system. I can balance sorcery in Conan Exiles. Look at past ideas. The thralls are so boring. The only this game alive is because of online. Look funcom the settlement system could be added in little by little. Thralls can sit or lay in a bed. Small features added. Bit by bit. You don’t have to make it one big download.

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Bryan, I don’t want to be mean to you, in previous posts I always been harsh to you, this time I’m gonna try something different, and enlight you in some aspects, hope that light on the tunnel show up to you.

Actually, you will see when it launchs, CE will have more players than even before, there will be a massive incoming of players that I don’t know if even FC is aware about it, it is going to be chaos, even more than launch, so A LOT of ppl cares, for some reason, mounts makes a huge difference to many ppl, we end up “used” to the game having no mounts, and having no real “need” for it, but even me, tha was included in this type of ppl, I must confess that im excited, and surely will go tame many horses, as I always had a little fear when using obelisks, you know, campers on pvp, so horse traveling to me is a big YES!

Why you think mounts are a pvp tool? This is the kind of feature that will please ALL players, not only pvpers, if that was the case, singleplayer games wouldn’t have mounts.

So you will be for the rest of your life, balance in games involving the interaction with player against player is a NIGHTMARE for devs, I applaud their will to make CE a better game, and they’re achiving it, im very happy with the direction the game is going, now I feel proud to show the game to friends, it is dropping the “EA remnants” that glued to it since launch, and now its becoming a polished game.

I don’t play singleplayer because I always favored online modes, so I can’t say anything here, other than, yes, there are lots of things to implement besides mounts, but this is the most asked feature ppl ask since the game came from birth, and it is happening now, getting everyone by surprise, that gives hope for us, fan of Conan and fan of the game. Have patience, sorcery will come in time.

They are doing it, little by little, look at animations, they’re adding bit by bit, shaping the game, its a slow process? yes, it is, and our excitement make us yell for NOW! But we have to be patience, give’em time, and they will do it.

I believe, we will see this game become the jewel we all wanted, FC knows the potential of the game, and they’re making it happen, if that doesn’t come to be true in the future, well, life goes on.

So take your time, if you’re bored take a break from the game, comeback after the mounts update or later as that is not your thing, Im sure you will miss the game at sometime, if not, find something that worth your time to put into, afterall, we’re here for fun.


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