This game is completely broken

**Game mode:Online official
**Type of issue:Bug
Server type: PvP
**Region: Official server #1111 but works in all server

Undermesh bases still work i can show you how to do but cant put it here cause dont want all the comunity know about it.

I know how to dupe items and i can show you it too.

Waiting a pm to explain it and wait the fix funcom.

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hope it will be fixed at least in this year, sometimes it just impossible to play when a clan full of exploiters came to server. you just cant destroy their base

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This post is going to be closed because you did not read the guidelines.

Duplicating steel or tar is a real problem, the last 2 raids, we found +10large chest fully with steel or reinforcements… no we have 28 large chest with steel…

If the people hace cheats, they boring game and abandon more near.

We need patch for remove permabubbles and a vote system on each server for to have a bases reset!