This game needs more weapons, or it won't be better than TSW

I’m a TSW veteran who only recently got into this game, and after a few weeks of it what’s going through my mind is this: The new character system in this game has the potential to be superior to the old, but only if they add more weapons.

Basically old TSW had an absolutely spectacular system for the primary weapons. The ability wheel allowed you to create cross synergies out of hundreds of passives that all worked together, giving you an amazing array of deep and rewarding build options. It did have one big issue though: The amount of cross synergy and interdependency between various abilities was so high, and the idea of the abilities being a wheel with three equal categories so strongly built into the system that it was basically impossible to expand it. So while the ability wheel was extremely fun to play with, it was not at all scalable. Despite many people hoping for new weapons, what we got instead over the years was additional systems that expanded the character outside of the ability wheel, like auxiliary weapons, AEGIS, and an extra wheel of passives. None of those systems were anywhere near as good as the original ability wheel, though some were well liked by the community.

Now enter SWL. The system is much simpler. The passives of each weapon only interact with that particular weapon, and they don’t cross connect. In terms of depth for character building this is a massive step back. Even worse, the auxiliary weapons which were well loved by the TSW community have simply disappeared. There is however one big advnatage of this new system over the old: It’s scalable. Adding a new weapon to the SWL system does not break an intricate balance between hundreds of interlocking parts, nor does it require any kind of symmetry to keep the idea of a wheel intact. This can be a huge strength to the system, but this needs to be exploited to actually make SWL better than TSW.

I would like to see the auxiliary weapons from TSW turned into full featured weapons in SWL for one. Rocket Launcher, Whip. Flame Thrower, Chainsaw, and Quantum Brace could all easily be their own weapons, and some of the artwork is already done for them too, which makes it cheaper to implement them.

I would also like the ability to summon golems with a thaumaturgical staff, fire long range piercing shots and specialty arrows from a bow, pull some captain america stunts with a shield or mutate friends and foes with an alchemy kit.


I see nothing stopping them from adding the aux weapons back. Nor have i seen not even one reasonable argument for them not being present. I’ve heard really lame excuses for them not being added such as “we couldn’t find a full set of usable abilities to justify them” for one (or something similar) which just does not make sense since there was ample enough options in TSW.

But as with all other things that are not present either yet or never - It just does not make sense as to why they are not present. Be it dungeons, content, abilities, clothing or w/e - seriously. Fingers need pulled out coz it’s been over a year now.

I will say that i do not like what they did with the rocket launcher. They gave us it for use during a certain point in the story arc of South Africa, with a scaling so ridiculous that it does 4mill dmg to ALL the targets - only because the targets you are required to hit have that much health to kill them. It just felt stupid.

But since the rocket launcher is present and usable - then that is proof it and the rest could be added, it could be that they are used the same way as ultimate’s, with an assigned key that is charged up the same way and then able to be used or just add the other slot like we did before and allow us to pick what ability from the aux we wanted to use.

It’s quite a kick in the teeth that they add the VMC mission where you used to obtain your Rocket launcher in TSW - here you get no Rocket launcher so what was the point? lol Nothing but the same as a scenario for what actually is more of a hassle since the scaling on that mission still is just stupid for it’s supposed unlocked lvl.

More weapons would be nice.
But i would rather see the return of the missing dungeons/content/group stuffs/items/abilities/auxs etc. Before anything else. I think too much time is focused on someone creating a nifty one time thing that is “new” to appease those who don’t actually care for longevity.

It’s all gone a tad too Huxley’s Brave New World than Secret World.

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I vote for nunchucks, psionic boulder throwing, and a summoner.


The task of creating the weapon on paper, in the drawing board room as it were. Creating the complex actions and reactions from player to mobs, player to bosses, player to champs, player to player and the animations of each of the abilities, describing each ability on it’s new page and then all of their new passives and the consideration that this new page would either add more perma pssives like hit rating and attack rating etc or the decision to remove them from other places to compensate, and how they also work with each other and the rest of the abilities from all the other weapons - just for that one weapon. Is a non starter.

Because there is no paper in the offices to even doodle with and the pens all had their lids left off them, there is no ink except that which is left on the walls after they wrote their own names due to madness.
yes, they are that poor.

you can throw snowballs and summon pets tho :smiley:
Small mercies and all that eh