This game should be pict friendly already

its bugs me you can be a pict but not starting out with a pict themed religion…why the hell did you guys made the only religion that would make sense of a pict character only obtainble after character creation?

why no picts thralls also are anywhere in the world?

what is this pict discrimination funcom???

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Derkato is also a Pict Religion, as I understand it. It just isn’t exclusive to the Pict. The Pict have a lot of dark (for Conan) Gods.

Picts, in a way, are one of the favored races because not only do they have the option of many thematically appropriate Gods from the start… they also have the only Hidden God in the game. For the moment.

I think it would be better to add more Hidden Gods… but also to consider a “built down” system for “Minor” Deities and Demi-Gods. Right now, there are balance concerns every time they add a major deity and the game lacks any discernable pain wheel in relation to how players interact with the Religion System.

I think that players should be able to Worship any Major God without a Penalty. If they add Minor Gods, then you could pick and choose up to 3 of these. I envision Minor Gods as having “Shrines” instead of temples, more quirky Faith systems that rely less on sacrifice and more on doing certain tasks frequently while avoiding specific taboos of the minor God, and instead of a Siege-Worthy Avatar Summoning, the top tier reward for a Minor God is the ability to summon a Guardian Statue which will defend an area against hostiles… it would be like a Monstrous level Thrall. (A decent example of this would be “Dagoth, the Dreaming God” from Conan the Destroyer. Dagoth’s shrine and Statue would be very pretty and “goodly” looking until you activate Dagoth’s Guardian. Then it transforms into a hideous nightmare who relentlessly pursues anyone foolish enough to cross it.)

Players wouldn’t be prohibited from worshipping many Gods, Major or Minor… but certain Gods are more or less compatible with each other and when you start exceeding the limits you build up a hidden “Hypocrisy” stat. Hypocrisy of Priests was a running theme in many Conan stories. This stat would normally do nothing… but if a particularly hypocritical player comes across someone who is faithful to Crom (Anyone who has refused to build/maintain/gain faith in other Gods) then they will take increased damage and possibly deal reduced damage when facing off against them. The more Hypocritical they are, the more danger they face.

Hypocrisy would also apply to a players Thralls, but it wouldn’t need to be a shared stat between Clan Members… you can have your clan divide worship duties up to avoid becoming huge hypocrites.

Compatible Major Deities would be Set and Derkato, so you could worship both while incurring less than the normal Hypocrisy for Duel Worship of Major Deities. The Compatibility charts of the Deities can be completely asymmetrical, which would allow the devs to buff the effects of particularly isolated Gods for interesting Game balance. Mitra, for example, could be a better Healer than right now.

This System is also interesting because Established players are more likely to have temples and worship gods… but if they get too cocky and a new player joins the server, they could find a newbie making them pay the price for serving too many Heavenly Masters.

Anyway, that’s my thought on Gods, which may have deviated a bit from the original Post.

You could focus on enslaving exclusively from the Aquilonian surge as a Pict until Funcom finally decide to add the missing races to the thrall list.

What would that accomplish? Is Funcom actually tracking who people are willing to enslave in game? Are you suggesting doing it while posting screenshots and commentary that highlights that choice?

I’m not sure I understand… what is the implication here?

From a lore perspective, the Pictish tribes are constantly raiding Aquilonian settlements. Frontier build set is actually an Aquilonian construct designed to keep Picts out.

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I want to be a pict but also that my ppl will be picts…i dont mind slaving other races if they just gona be rped as slaves…but for my “ppl” i def need picts… and jhebbl sag should be in character creration if they let us be picts anyway…

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