This happen often? My feedback was marked as spam and its been sitting there for 3 days... no review or communication


Our automated spam filter, [Akismet ], has temporarily hidden [your post ] in Additional Admin only features that could improve player’s experiences for review.

A [staff member ] will review your post soon, and it should appear shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Reply 12 hours after marked as spam :

Still wondering the status of my post. It was not a spam post and was pertaining to admin mode within a server… not the admins of this forum lol.

Reply 24 hours after marked as spam :

Ok, its been 24 hours. Is anybody going to review my post?

Reply 3 days after marked as spam :

I’m very upset that my legitimate feedback and ideas has STILL not been reviewed.

Attempted to bring a community manager into the chat, can’t PM them. So… is that post just gone? Lost in the void?

You should be able to tag @Community , but it is a weekend so that’s probably why it’s been a few days.

Just out of curiosity, what was the feedback?

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Pretty much additional admin commands/features to help me make things within my server that I’m renting for xbox players.

1 : Option to allow owned thrall knock outs, kinda like what they had at launch (Totally understand why it was removed completely, but still has importance to me). Something toggleable and selectable by admins of a server.

2 : For crafting thralls, allow us to modify their equipment, names, and admin only lock to a crafting bench (for immersion reasons).

3 : Option for admins to invoke a soft ban on players, preventing them from removing their bracelet. (Because I want to make a jail lol)

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That sounds like you would have to be on pc with mods to pull off. Having a ps4 server for years it does sound interesting though :thinking:

Oh for sure it’s definitely something that would currently need to be pulled off with mods, but I’d like to see if the devs could put these options into the game for us.

I HOPE these are simple requests… Would be nice to see these things hit a hotfix or something.

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More admin commands would be great.

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Honestly, for the first feedback where I’d want my player owned thralls to also be able to be knocked off and converted, it should be as easy as adding the command to our command list. Its already in the game, its just disabled and hidden.

The second feedback where I wanted to edit the equiped items, name, and lock them to a bench as admin for crafting thralls, I don’t think that would be massively hard for them to implement. they already have a thrall inventory system in play. I don’t see why they couldn’t.

The third feedback where we could soft ban a player from taking off their bracelet is much more in depth… so I’m not expecting this one to be an option for admins.

HONESTLY if the first two feedback items were introduced… I’d be a happy admin. The third one is take it or leave it.

Still no update on my falsely claimed “spam” post. This is a bit disheartening.

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