This is a reply to stelegel for his kind of help and is TOXICITY Winning over video games?

“From what I get, some people builded wheels close to yours, am I correct? So how these people will farm the camp you are farming?
Let me guess… I went there first right?”

No, They built a singular teleporter / a thrall wheel / and a thrall wheel and a teleporter and their reason wasnt to get thralls but to block my pathing to destroy my stuff and they are toxic and wouldn’t work with me. I give away the best thralls for FREE to anyone thats not a dick>> What do I have to gain from not farm thralls … negative nothing … I have extras to give out to new players / established players, but yeah I don’t want a dragon to spawn glitched out in my building because they think its funny to block pathing cause they think the devs are dumb and don’t respond! I think they will and they aren’t and that those people should be held accountable for ruining not just my experience on the game, but everyones on the servers! It’s not unreasonable to ask them to move their small structure about 15 meters in game to the side so Purge can come through as game devs. intended. That being said due to snarky ending… Thank you bunches for link and lets hope this helps that problem get fixed or toxicity will ruin gaming … planned?


Before I start I would beg you to accept my apologies for my salty ending.

Thank you for taking the time to be a gentleman and proceed to this topic, I really appreciate it!

On this post I understand more!
Thank you! You have to understand that we here, the players, cannot easily understand who is new to the game and has crazy demands and who is old and understands abuse by trolling! I am with you 1000%, I hate trolling as much as you do!

I believe you fellow exile, I am with you 1000%, the game must advance mechanics to avoid trolling because this destroy our gaming experience! I am 47 years old, my belly is big but my stomach is “smaller” if you get me here!

We both know that you have to take the step behind, as I do all these years! That’s the reason I participate in multiple servers, to avoid these situations! But I am 1000% with you and I encourage this conversation because some day we deserve to stop doing the step behind and play in better servers!

Thank you an welcome again. I beg you to stay tuned and share more of your experience in this game here :grin:. Because we have fun also :wink:!


Thank you @sestus2009 for pointing another mistake of mine! You are a true friend :grin:!

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How do you know what their intentions are? To me it sounds like they put up a wheel and a teleporter for obvious reasons.

Because as I stated in prior posts that the guy was talked to about his thrall wheel being put right there and asked nicely to move it for obvious reason, but he chose to put stairs to nothing across from me watched him use my friends teleporter to go to north so it didnt take him days then proceeds to put another item exactly on my thrall wheel edge of land again to make it so my thrall wheel gets attacked and theres no pathing to it… Now, that being said the map is Gigantic and the chances that he would just make the same mistake next to the same person and leave all his old stuff up and created more to block the area are microscopic at best. Meaning theres no way he decided in 2 days to block pathing to both of my thrall wheels and then tell me to basically f off they all staying>> I am guessing u are him or his friend>>

People are free to build wherever they want. They are not obligated to move anything or leave any space between your building and theirs.

It’s common courtesy, but there is nothing technically wrong here. And it sounds like you got into an argument with him, which led to him building out of spite.

All we really have here is your side of the story over a land claim dispute.