This is what happens when funcom rush content without proper testing

WE ARE GETTING this very often in official servers… (1930 among others)


so please DO test things, before pushing into officials… why was rushed? we can imagine why, and i am sure we aint going to get an honest answer from funcom.

thank you.

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Believe me I usually agree with your sentiment but I dont know that this really has anything to do with the latest patch

Those are the amounts of the items in the world. If you pull up your console and type ToggleDebugHUD it will toggle this HUD on for you, and you’ll be able to compare numbers.

Im thinking its numbers within a certain range, whats rendered, whats about to render next etc. No way a server has 10,972,017,305,347,594 placeables and 2,842,336,733,550 building pieces on the map.

I would see that as maybe 47,594 total placeables and ….I don’t know on the buildings side lol, Im sure theres way more then 3550 pieces, but likely not 3550 complete bases.


That’s how I’d had it explained to me, but heck that was back in EA. If those numbers seem too high, I could be wrong – between private servers and high-volume officials, I see those numbers in scale, depending on population. I’ll test it out and see.

ETA: Apologies, @Shadoza, thanks @Nemisis – looking at my official server the commas are in odd places too. To see the actual numbers on a server you Admin, type GetServerHealth in the console command. It will tell you real-world numbers within the console itself – just hit tilde again to display.

Started happenin after the last patch, there are already several servers reporting the same problem.

so posted here for more visibility./

and it is consistent to happen when 28+ people is connected, the screenshot showed it was also happening with only 22 people on.

Hmm, this is all I see on 1502 when I use ToggleDebugHUD.


GetServerHealth does nothing for me, but then I’m obviously not an admin on an Official server.

EDIT: Oh, it’s “ToggleDebugHUD 2” to get the building output!



Good call. There’s no correlation between those digits and the actual numbers from the Health report. What it does appear to be is LOD counters. Level of Detail calculations.

PVE1930 is a no-ping server, people from anywhere in the world can join it.

Still the only solution in all this problems is to have building limit when you play online. In Greece, when you say the same thing several times, we say that my tongue catch hairs. Believe me my tongue make a beard. To close my reply, back in 80s, when i was a student, in math, to right down one million, we use (.) for example 1.000.000 . To seperate numbers we use (,) for example 1, 000, 000… And it says one, zero zero zero, zero zero zero and not one milion.

I play in this server since launch, it has never been like that before. The game is unplayable most the time, AI broken, infinite sprint are some of the common issues we are dealing every night.

How in the bloody hell is the game unplayable? I play daily and have no problem. Infinite sprint, what even do you mean by this? And I have been playing since early access so believe me, the game is running BEAUTIFULLY comparatively.

Europeans use a comma to separate whole numbers from fractions and use a point to denote multpiles of thousand, but Americans do exactly the opposite. This leads to confusion sometimes… :wink:


try to play in server 1930 … with 1020 ping and 2 fps (server side) then come and write your experience.

what does it have to do with the latest patch?

Apropo rushing content…since when heavy armor from the base game is made with iron and not with steel anymore?

Your experience on another server doesnt add anything to the matter. Something is breaking this server and most likely others, they need to check what is going on and fix it.

PS: Infinite sprint means, we can actually run without spending stamina, forever, and no, its not like regular lag spike where you get sent back to where you used to be, we can actually travel but nothing else moves.

Ill check it out right now see what i get, brb!

Result-ping fluctuates wildly from 216 to 600+

Server fps 3- 6

BY comparison 1503 which also has 30 people on it -

Ping 80-112
Server FPS 29-30

So i see now why we have ping limits on officials and thats good by me.

DURING TTHE day its a bity better

but now : this never happened before the last patch over our server.


I’m not disputing the rushed content part of this thread, funcom themselves have said they should have been more judicious in testing.

What I will say is ping is governed by many different factors.

Ping measures the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer that are echoed back to the source.

So ping is affected by everything between your computer and the server, not just the software on the server.

In truth there is only so much the server software can do to reduce ping.

If the root cause of this problem was the update, every server would be affected not just a few.