This isnt fair at all

Ive been a long time player of conan and this is really bothering me ,almost all other servers load up except the one i been playing on ,everytime it just crashes before the world loads or just loads forever …ive deleted it multiple times and reinstalled ive even factory reset my ps5 twice its server 3522

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Hey I screen shot your post will attempt to get on later we have had problems with pve-c server’s our selves give up and stayed on pve @Gkc301

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Same for me on pve c 3051. Whey i see 0 Players i dont even try. Its a shame.

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Welcome to the forum @PistonBoy82 :+1:t6:.
I lost a bit the problem here! Your issue is that you cannot connect or the population?
For the first i cannot help, but for the second maybe i can!
You know in my times we had Disco! The program was starting but the problem was always who’s gonna dance first! If however somebody was brave enough to start the dance then before you know it the dance floor was full.
So worry not for the zero, make the zero 1 and eventually it will become 10,20… Just dance :wink:!


I’m just trying to understand, so what does the population and ping show when you try to connect? If I understand you, you go to login to the server, and one of two things happen; either perpetual load or crash of the client. That sounds like maybe someone did something in your absence like overbuild near your spawn if its not some other mundane issue, like the server needs reset or the server is just full, but in the latter case, I wouldnt expect it to cause a crash.

I would put a zendesk request in for the server to see if it just needs a reboot or if they need to go into the server to see if something else is going on. The people who service the zendesk tickets probably aren’t looking here and it may not be a game bug “per se”, and a zendesk ticket regarding the server may be the fastest approach (since you just can’t get on to see what’s happening).

Anyway best of luck.

Last report type is server performance.


I think it’s about the loading bug at official pvec servers.

Same her when I see 0 people at pvp time on my server I know 100% the loading screen will not end or bluescreen.

I think that is what @PistonBoy82 means by the 0 players. It’s not about population. The 10 to 20 player at primetime are fine but most of them will lose their bases if they can not login anymore and most of them don’t came back again. So maybe it’s about the population but not that way @stelagel thought. Its more like you want to go to the disco but they don’t open the door and you stand endless infornt of the disco :joy:


This bug appears few hours after server restart. And this time where you are able to login becomes shorter every day. Until we are at the state two years ago where you could be lucky if you could login within the first 3 minutes after server restart.

Unfortunately zendesk doesn’t help here. Normally when a server crashes and I wrote a ticket they restarted the server after few minutes. But here I don’t know if they don’t want to?

This issues takes more then one year on 3052. Only after it appears to other pvec they started to do something at where able to repair it after month. 1,5 years I wasn’t able to login to my pvec server.
I hope this time they find the solution a little bit quicker. Whats different to the last time that it spread over all platforms. If I am not wrong the last time it affects only playstation. But now first I heard about it was from 1977 pc pvec. Short time after this (something around 23.dec) I had it on my 3052 too.

BTW it’s very nice move from funcom that they changed the decay timers to 7 days after people asked to disable decay while they are working on it… They love us so much :joy:


Pve-c servers for exiled lands on the PlayStation has been bad for a long time…I have tried every 6 to 8 months to tried them out and keeps lagging staggering, failed to render various things, loading issues etc. Just overall icky.


Like i can go into any other official server but the one ive been playing on

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Ive done that and sometimes it says there is people and normally the ping isnt bad i just tried 3 other official servers and they loaded no problem

Dude that meane ive lost everything

Is that why thou even if i try 100 times it crashes the last time it let me in i think it was near server restart as u where saying

Ping is 66 0 out of 40

Wanna hear something messed up and soon as i put in the report it says solved like they dont care at all

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I know what you mean worry not!
Unfortunately, this happens, it’s rare, but it happens! I remember when i started Siptah on release, i was logging in to a server, play a couple days and then i couldn’t connect again, and i was starting in another one and another one!
Finally, if i remember correctly it “allowed” me to play on 8012. So i played there for straight six months without issues! And this situation never happened again! But at the time this was happening i was ready to quit Conan exiles for good! So i know the feeling @Gkc301.
If you want to restart?
I can do just one thing and one thing only!
Choose your new server, and let me know where you play! I will farm a straight week for you! No commitments, notging! I deliver and recreate character!
Exile to exile, this is the only thing i can do for you!

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Greatest answer of all time :+1:

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