"THIS LAND IS ALREADY CLAIMED" Error on my own Property

I’m on Official server #3506 PvE - g-portal*us Revision (#131959/21084). I was playing last Saturday and some guy started building near my house - no big deal, whatever. I log in post-patch today after being out of town for most of the week and suddenly I can’t place furniture near or in my own house because THIS LAND IS ALREADY CLAIMED. I have pictures but it won’t let me attach them because I’m a new poster.

How do I work around this error? I’d really like to get back to playing. It took me a long time to mine enough iron ore to make a blacksmith table and I’d really like to place it :weary:

Start by posting in Conan Exiles… this is Age of Conan.

Welcome to the forums @AGVKrioni. Please post in the correct subforum, you posted a Conan Exiles issue in Age of Conan.

Moved from Age of Conan > Conan Exiles.

Please try to keep an eye on where you post in the future, thanks!

AVG, if you want to post pics, you can upload them to an independent, free host, like Imgur and paste the link here. You must alter the http address to make the system think it is not a link. (devious, I know). An alternate would be if @Ignasi deemed it necessary to elevate your rank and ability to upload.

As far as the original problem, I have no freaking clue, sorry :sob:

Good luck !



Normally when this happens to me, I’d simply log out and log back into the server.
Apparently for some people it doesn’t often fix for them but it often fixes for me whenever I’d have the issue.

Hope this works out or if you’ve figured it out by now lol.
Good luck out there, Exile.

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