This Land Is Claimed

So to my horror, the base I have been living in for the last month and a half is getting the This Land Is Claimed message. I am unable to build structures on my existing foundations just outside my gates despite the fact yesterday I had structures where I am trying to build.

A new player has moved in almost on top of me, not 50 meters from this spot on a little hill. I am unsure how he was able to build so close to me in the first place but now apparently the land is his.

Is there any way to remedy this? I’ve been here for almost two months grinding to build a respectable base only for weeks of effort to be stymied by some guy who has no sense of decency or personal space. (He had the ENTIRE map to choose a spot)

Is it a private or public server?

Theoretically, if one wants to claim land without showing the process:
Just drop a foundation on the ground near buried
Now select another foundation and try to snap it on the bottom or side of that piece so the piece is underground
After placing enough to have a decent decay time, delete the exposed foundation

As for other players crowding you, on PvP, you could go to war. On PvE, just have to wait out the other players interest in living next to you.

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