This Little Light of Mine

Game mode: Online Official | Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Hardware: PS4


I just wanna be able to see.

You are currently unable to switch to First Person view with a standard Torch, Breath of the Red Mother, or Glowing Stick equipped in hand.




Final Breath of the Red Mother


Glowing Stick

Third Person:


Hah! Let us light the path then.

Agree with you. And I could have sworn that we once did have this ability in an older version. Cant say with assurity though, because you know…Im old and I forget things. :rofl: Can anyone confirm this?

A little off topic here, but it is still discussing lighting so I am going to put it out there. I really wish our amazing dev team would hasten the release of this hands free source of lighting they have been working on.



I can confirm the ability in the past with the Red Mother.


Yes! Please. ^-^


Yeah, it was that way for all torches not too long ago. Of coarse, long is relative.


I thought as much! And I was certain that I used to use them in this way back when I was building and decorating my base in the Exiled Lands. It helped a lot with displaying/aligning placeables, and felt immersive too when wandering. I wonder if this change was intended or not. Another aspect of Torches which came to my attention again quite recently, was that we can still no longer apply reincorcement kits to them. While I have known about this for sometime, I am again, not sure if the change was intended or not.

I might ask a CM about this, and if necessary they can pass the inquiry on. @AndyB as one of the few CMs we still have on deck, do you know if:

I) We should still be able to use a Torch in first person mode, or if this was an intended change?

II) We should be able to apply Reinforcement Kits to Torches again, or if removing this ability was intended?


About reinforcement on torch it is more than a year , I can’t recall . About torch at first person is after 2.4 update if I am not mistaken . @Zeb is very right , we need this option especially the players who play SP or official . The night timer is normal so the night is quite big . First person is almost necessity when you build or organize your chests in your house . You will tell me , why you don’t fix standing torches so you can see at night in your house ? I will answer , you are right , yet it doesn’t change the fact that we want to use torches first person and maybe we want some places in our house to stay dark :wink: .
I would beg Devs too to give up back this option , for player who play this way is a necessity , plus “you cannot teach to an old dog new tricks”
Thank you :+1:


Patiently waiting for a witchfire torch my character can carry around. Or craftable Maelstrom torches for ominous mood lighting for my base.


Forgot to mention: same thing happened with tools. Wasn’t long ago I could use a pickaxe in first person, now it puts me in third person.


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