This may be ambitious or may be dump but ill ask it (DLC item)

So with new mods , present more available new tool to use.

So to this only affect DLCs. How does people feel about moving DLC item out of hand crafted department to Then able to have a Build mode where lets says we are using a T3 wall vanilla that is … but before we place it down … we have an additional button that lets us to cycle through the DLC wall before we place it down … and possible that we have it to remember what DLC its on so what this will do … Make funcom job alot easier and less Blue Print to be made as well as reduce load on the item table needed to be preserved for DLC. Maybe even let modder tackle onto this system. I believe this will benefit the Game as a whole

The only downside to this is that you wont be able to pre-craft for people anymore or you would have to build for them.

Its an unpopular suggestion but one that i would greatly would love to have especially now that we have so many DLC build pieces that its overwhelming the Handcrafted menu to the point where its nearly impossible to navigate through.

And also someone did a test … if you do not have the feat unlocked then your character load instantly but if you have the feat unlock then it bogs down your inventory load

If people are curious about what im talking about look at Thrall war dungeon mod , there two item that worth looking at … the Secret door , and combination door. They use the Mesh able menu to change out the mesh appearance. Base on what it allow us to use / choose. It save on having to find and craft that item.

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