This may be the game that finally pulls me away

Being as pvp raid officialhas been where 98% of the time i have on this game (both PS and PC), the lack of developement has made me look for other games. This is non pvp, but seems tondo what Exiles was trying to do withbthe pve as far as settlement and survival rpg. May signnup to try and be early acces myself


Conan and other survival games, have pulled me from Bethesda finally.
I will not let Conan, but certainly will play this one too.

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Maybe if you like the cartoony WoW aesthetic? Not for me though.

‘Coming to PC soon.’

I doubt that. It was only revealed a month or two ago.
Early access, maybe, but not the full release.

I’d expect that to be in 2024/25.

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I have it on my list too.

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Definately a aesthetic taste thing. But i was really intriqued by the ability to burrough out your own caves and the actual settlement feel of collecting npcs.

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