This morning I saw a grasshopper on the way into work


i’ll let u know if i see another one


Man… we should carpool again…


have you tried turning it off and on again


I saw one as well so it’s definitely a problem on funcom’s end not just yours. CONSPIRACIES.


Wait! Wait wait wait wait wait wait!

Grasshopper. Or locust? Because that’s a huge difference. Like, one is an insect, the other is the end of the world omen.


I saw a weedhopper. It was jumping high!


I saw one in the building at work yesterday, a huge one. Orochi conspiracy?


The layers in the op should be awarded in some way. Extra cake for Tron or something, maybe a fancy drink at the retrospect.


I’m gonna have to question this bug report. Grasshoppers aren’t technically bugs. Bugs are in order Hemiptera and grasshoppers are in order Orthoptera. You are going to have to look harder. I’m sorry.


It depends on whether we’re referring to scientific classification or common parlance.

Also I saw an ant today.


Reporting a bug in your bug report. :ant:

Reporting the bug is really hard to see so reporting a visible bug in your bug report. :bug:


Today we found a mosquito hawk in our kitchen. I hope this is helpful.