This nickname is already in use

Hello. I deleted character on one of my accounts and want create character on another account with same nickname, bu game says that “This nickname is already in use”. How long i must wait until i can take my name again?

Could it be because the server had not updated at that time with the deletion of the previous character; perhaps going back now will yield a better result.

i found person who has same name. Tos 67lvl. Perhaps he dont play for a long time. Now i wait for GM to answer me, if he could free this name for me

Was the character you deleted on the same server as the new character you are trying to create?

Yes, the same. But it was long ago, perhaps in 2015. On crom

If you deleted your character in 2015, and now are trying to create one with the same name, it is highly likely someone else already created one with that name. Which explains your previous statement of finding a level 67 tos with your name.

It is unlikely, though I guess possible, that a GM would remove that character’s name if they appear to have completely left the game.

i know that. I just waiting answer from gm, more then 1 week. I already created character with different name. Too long to wait