This old TSW account link still works

This old TSW account link still works atm for of the AO account problems.

Just tested this link and it working atm. Don’t know how long is going to be around. hopefully help some of the account problems we all are having.
It’s the old style link but log in with your Main account info.
( My old original TSW was under my main AO account )
So I was able to login in that link with my AO name and password.

I know some one posted this idea before so creds to them.
I’m just helping keeping it alive.


Bump… (support links get locked after 7 days)
Hope bumping couple a these helpful links isn’t too annoying.
Just want to keep them alive for a bit.
Seems like we’re on our own here. :cry:

I’ve been using it to reactivate my Froob accounts. > Click Home > Click Reactivate Button > Click a different Reactivate Button

wow this is so cool. thanks, just what i was looking for.
how do you people find these things

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