This one's really annoying

Game mode: [Online | Official Server]
Problem: Performance
Region: #2509

Every time my guy runs out of stamina, the pitch drops for all the sound effects - voices, the rain, everything! This can’t be intentional.

It is intentional, your view greys out a bit as well, I’ve always found it super annoying, but what can you do?

Oh really? My view greys out when I’m out of stamina? I never noticed that in the two years I’ve been playing this game. You can also hear your blood rushing because of over exertion. I guess it’s my fault for not saying that the pitch drop is since the last update. What I can do about it is point out this mistake and hope that it gets fixed by someone who can hear the change and realize it’s unintended.

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Yeah, the sound effect change is new as far as I can remember. If this was intentional, not sure why.

It is intentional. It is not a bug. Doesn’t really bother me. Just an effect, showing the exhaustion penalty basically.

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