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I know it will never stop sheaters, but the more aggressive a Developer is, the more respect i have. I hope Funcom can figure out ways like Apex did. I don;t even play the game, but knowing, at the least, the developer really wants as pure a game play as there can be, is nice to know.


true :ok_hand:

I personally don’t find it that concerning, maybe because I’m used to seeing high numbers for bans with another game I play, and it still has a thriving community. Square Enix releases a post on both Final Fantasy XIV’s launcher and it’s official site every week detailing how many players have either been permanently or temporarily banned or punished otherwise, and the number for permanently banned usually hovers around 5-7k, the number for temporary bans is generally around 8-10k, and other punishments around 12-13k, now keep in mind that’s in just a week.

Granted the article seems to allude that those numbers are PC only, yet the weekly ban report for Final Fantasy XIV covers both PC and PS4.

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