This whole "Play on unofficial servers if you don't like it" thing is very discouraging in general

I took only this one as an example as I always tend to be lengthy and become unclear :slight_smile:

Halcyon seems to want to demonstrate that “the only right way is official servers”.

I just wanted to show that whether you play alone or rent a server has the same value. If you rent a server you’re the admin and choose how it works. Even the right to cheat, even the right to stop the server to avoid problems, like offline purges happening due to a bug.

I only play SP : I don’t want (in fact I hate, strongly), barbaric (unstructured) war in games (real life shows enough wars, everyday !) while I like contest (structured) fights (these are sports as you can play with honour). I so don’t play PvP in Conan. As I player single player mode, I can cheat, but why should I ? Playing a game is just a way to enjoy free time. Some people even like enjoying their free time to behave like bas…ds in games. That’s their way, not the only one.

Wanting to be recognized has nothing to do with Conan or even gaming. Eg : a musician who plays greatly in public will also be recognized for this. Being able to do something never means having to do it and even having the right to do it. This applies everywhere, not only in Conan, not only in gaming.

While I agree with your notion that this statement of playing unofficial is basically the cheap way out of discussions revolving over settings or game mechanics I do have to point out that I am missing some of the benefits and disadvantages.

I myself rent my own server out of the following reasons (advantages of private), some were already mentioned by others:

  • No psycho’s since I only invite players I know or they invite player they know
  • We can enforce mutual rules
  • I could take care in case someone would block an obelisk or such (not necessary because first point)
  • We can use mods to add functionality lacking in the base game (like armor skins)
  • We can use mods to fix bugs in the base game (previously fish-traps, hives, wells and starmetal)
  • The settings can be customised

Here why I do not want to play on official (disadvantages of official):

  • When server is down you have to wait for someone to start it again.
  • Some psycho’s
  • I do not want to just find a mediocre spot because everything is already built upon
  • Vanilla settings (sure that only counts as a disadvantage when you do not like them)
  • I do not want to compete about NPC’s or resources because around 40 people are online and camping the same spot
  • As the cheating goes I suggest you to search the forums for asian hackers
  • No moderation whatsoever

I am happy for you that you enjoy playing on official and I thank you for your contribution to the community in doing so (attracting more players if not all servers are empty).
I for one are done with officials, especially because there is no-one taking care about them (admins)


This is an interesting dialogue here, as I have been debating on whether to join an official PVE-C or to search for a PVP-lite private server. I was on an RP-PVP server for some months and it was good fun, till the owner got overwhelmed with trying to force herself to overstretch on Admin duties. It first got locked to the public (so less new faces joined and older ones quit coming in), then shut down.

I’ve wandered about checking on this or that, but like Goldilocks; This one is EU and has too much ping. This one is just PVE. This one has too much gather rate (and thus achievements feel hollow). Finally I just settled on doing Testlive until it goes unmaintained. It’s less of a problem to find an official server than it is to find a private server that suits your desires and will reliably withstand the tests of time.


Right on. Relaxed PVP, no events. (If there were any mods at all it would be the “more female thralls” one I just learned about.) I know you can tolerate Vanilla, but what LVL/harvest rate do you think would bring in the most people?

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My personal preference is 2x or 3x rates, so that large t3 structures don’t take months of farming, lol.

This one still took a couple weeks to farm for in a 3x server (and that was before the insulated wood nerf). :sweat_smile:

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Hah it looks funny seeing a vanir base in the desert :stuck_out_tongue:

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The altar was basically to match the black ice, since I don’t like the looks of the reinforced stone. If I redo that structure now, it’ll be Aquilonian (which would better match the desert anyway, lol). It was for an old server where we had arena events. Big enough to spawn a dragon in or for team skirmishes.

Aquilonian is always a good choice.

Here’s another advantage to Unofficial Private servers:

The author of that thread is a modder. He has knowledge of the devkit and Unreal Engine. He was able to find the reason behind certain bugged spawns. This would not be possible without mods. Mods aren’t present on Officials.

Thank your modding community. They’re finding bug fixes alongside of Funcom to make the game better for everyone.

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I really like mods, and when I play Solo my game is loaded with them. Unfortunately it becomes a pain to try and explain to newcomers about how to install them and what orders they need to be put in. It deters people from joining some of those servers.

Hopefully Funcom goes ahead with the Auto-Upload function for mods and their affected servers. It would be a joy to be able to swap between game modes or servers and to not have to swap the mod list around every time you log in. :smile:


If Funcom slips that feature into the Jhebbal Sag update, I’ll buy the DLC’s for a friend of mine. I’d buy them myself but I already have them.


I’ll never play on a public server. Ever. Been doing a private server since it first came out and had nothing but positive experience.


It would be great if we could have the option to disable admin panel after starting a single player game, and if we could adjust world boss damage separately from other mobs.

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I fought so hard for that specific feature 2 weeks before launch. Implementing a toggleable admin panel lock for singleplayer (start the game with an option to lock the panel at the beginning).

Everyone for some strange reason thought I was crazy. They all hyperbolized that I meant a FULL AND COMPLETE removal of the admin panel.

That wasn’t the case -_-

Mind you, I wrote this like…4 months ago.

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I would have been for that idea if I could run 2 separate games. 1 for the experience and a 2nd for testing purposes. I too hate the admin panel saying “Use Me!” and my willpower gives in and I change or add in items… :imp:


Aye, and I keep suggesting that Funcom releases the TestLive of CE as a seperate game on steam as an “extra”, like Arma 3 does.

You get CE TL (test live) as a bonus for buying CE. But they are separate games for all intends and purposes, like H1Z1 and the now closed down “Just Survive”.

But right now Funcom put everything else on hold, to work exclusively on the pet update, so it’s gonna take awhile…

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Real-world stuff here, man. I have a personal friend named Sunny. She is a very good gamer but she’s extremely particular. In her mind, if a system is created that can be innately exploited, she should have firm and full access to it. In other words, if there’s Admin, it is to supplement a system in deficit yet still released by the developers, therefore it is her right to use it. IOW meatwall. I personally maintain her install of Conan Exiles, and her servers.

My suggestion for Sunny was like for my wife’s installation of Conan Exiles: have someone else install it and change the password to something ridiculous. That wasn’t good enough for her. :slight_smile:

I think a lockout feature makes a lot of sense for many people.


Yeah, I also thought about rolling my face on the keyboard to set an admin password, but it felt… strangely hollow.

Like on Fallout: New Vegas, you’d get an achievement for finishing the game in Hardcore mode. It was a challenge basically, something to incentivize playing it in that mode… I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Pretty sure this is something that is in the works. However, the auto mod downloads for private servers has also been in the works for months as well. :roll_eyes:

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