Thought about professions rebalance

Nice post @Malishade.
We need more opinions like that.

But scrum I liked your opinion of NT being balanced…logic at its finest!!

well if u want nerf agent ability to cast those nanos then there shoud be also TMS, NS2, +13k hp enf mongo …
or make them same like are agent escape nanos 50% effect if its visual profesion

and about soldier rss uwant to add to much dmg to game. game is not only PVP and adding nonstop dmg is not good for PVM. i would say not add dmg but lower dmg to all profesion :slight_smile: i remember times when zergs was wiping on TNH bridge. Today is TNH doable in dual or triple log. there is no content in game what are not possible to do in one team.

Mina all these issues would go away with no awakened CH, agents wouldn’t go fp enf/sold/nt if they had no awakened CH to rely on as a defensive.

Removing or nerfing awakened ch in pvp would be a great start imo. I doubt we’ll get any type of rebalance but I would hate to see them change so many factors at once. Nerfing ch and removing so many tools from certain profs at once would likely end up with them being extremely underpowered, it’s just too many factors to try to account for. It’s very likely that other changes would be needed/wanted, but it’s better to do small cumulative changes than one big change that could ruin a prof and take years to be reverted.

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I do agree on the tms nerf too but I feel like taking away too many nanos away would result in every agent just playing fp doc which kinda ruins the whole idea of agent “versatility”. But yeah as Tidus said, with no awakened ch you’d think twice which fp you’d want to cast.

Why would you bother taking away the 13k HP Enf Mongo? Agent almost never stays Mimic Enf in PVP and the buff is cancelled as soon as Mimic Enf is gone.

IDK if you pvp that often but agents play FP enfo all the time, it’s quite good considering you get 800 NR, Fear, 12k HP, 252 AR, etc, all while also having beast CH :smiley:

Really? Most I’ve seen have been running Doctor or Trader. But nice to hear that they are doing it in Enforcer too. :smiley:

Yeah most of the guys you are replying to play agent a lot in city pvp etc (rsss, minalvin, tidu) they know whats up!

@Gloomfall pick another forum to post,pls. Already told you, u have no ideea what we are talking about. You just creating more mess here.
This is about THOUGHTs about professions balance.

@Tidusky dont make mess here, and try to read 1st, before acting low.
Suporting someone like Malishade who did a nice post with arguments (about NT) , doesnt mean i support his ideas, or i totally agree with it.
Anyway, better post something usefull here, not just flames.

Plz make clear that thats meant for PvP only. Maybe he meant that its a good thing that agents can be tanks in some pve situations.
But afaik u dont know anything about pve and just want classes nerfed to ur pvp needs.
GL with that.

@Scrum stupid is as stupid does…please be smarter than a child and stop contradicting yourself. Everyone lol at this post and lost all respect for you when you said NT is super balanced profession because you can perk NR8 to counter them…This post is pointless and the only thing that should be taken into context by FC is that beast CH should be removed or majorly nerfed.

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Yup, just remove the awakened ch. Pvm is already easy anyway. We dont need it. Thanks Funcom!

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