Thoughts & Discussion on Economy update and further


Survival - Points into this should affect temperature changes, as well as thirst tick.

Second Perk should remain the way it is with increased gathering.
Third Perk should remain in the Survival tree whether you move it up one or not.
Fifth Perk should be redone.

Accuracy - needs an overhaul; the second perk should go I haven’t met a person that’s excited to get to that second perk.

Possible suggestions could be:
Dexterity – Quicker Reload
Eagle Eye – More Zoom-in when charging heavy attack
Hundred-Arrows – Arrows weigh less in Inventory

Vitality - Every point adjusts hunger tick.

Fifth perk needs to be fixed or adjusted with changes, which I have to say I did enjoy it is a lot more realistic now and brings back to the healing aspect being important then just food and drinks.

Agility – small adjustments

Grits 4th perk moving to agility tree and possibly more adjusting.

I mean they could all be looked at, just things I thought of to improve it. I don’t know if anyone else has any suggestions or disagreements with the perks, be great to hear other’s thoughts on this.


  • Crafting Bench for making T2 – T3 building pieces, save inventory space but leave T1 in for building on the go.
  • T3 new benches: I like the idea of the new benches but I feel like for some of them you would never really be in a huge rush to make much of these, even playing PVP.
    Think maybe for some of the benches instead of the speed increase for more, maybe make it so that you can combine multiple thralls in one bench to increase the overall product for much more that way you could have up to all 3 bonus’s for a much larger price. That way people would probably use both, resource saving for outfitting your archer thralls and defense thralls. And the other for players + your main thralls. Or maybe making it so they can upgrade benches in particular ways you want.
  • Farming changes. Adding crops for recipes and for feeding animals, animal husbandry, irrigation.
  • Possibly an active way to catch fish, instead of time base. Also, depending on lure types gathers different types of fish or shellfish.
  • Storage improvements, possibly something that stacks easier but bigger than chests.
  • Having clan beds, so all clan members can use whatever bed instead of every specific one having their own. Being able to choose from multiple beds (hell even if it was just two plus the bedroll)

[Weapons & Armor]

  • Bows:

    • Short Bows (Quicker reload, shorter distance, more agile)
    • Compound (Mid stats)
    • Long Bows (Slow reload, long distance, longer to aim)
    • Crossbow (Major Damage, long reload)
  • Shields

    • Buckler (Small, Agile, Less Weight)
    • Round (Mid)
    • Tower (Large, More Coverage, More Weight)
  • Armours

    • Adjusting to make Dungeon armours worth going and doing again (EG: Kinsourge)
    • More Legendary sets.

[Pets & Mounts]

  • Something to protect pets and animals from gas attacks seeing that’s all everyone does on PVP making them not as popular.
  • Breeding system for stats/perk increases?
  • Breeding system for animal husbandry; slaughtering your own deer, gazelle for constant food/hide/or other resources.
  • Turn the stables into a one-slot animal pen and make it so you can throw horses into animal pens. This make things simple and help those people trying to solo on Official Servers.
  • Putting more into training animals for them to passively make resources or maybe have a specific fight use; make the others worth it just like the gold rock nose is. EG: Using the bear to increase fishing trap rates, but possibly draws more food out. If you run out nearby food the bear stops and returns home?
    EG: Putting horse in a farm, can now plough the fields quicker?
    EG: Spiders put on archer mode, and slowly down raiders when defending.
    EG: Gorillas put on archer mode, throwing rocks, or exploding pots at people.
  • Saddle-Dying, and armorer’s affecting their stats as well.
  • Adding more mounts: Camels, Elephants, Gorillas.
  • Specific uses for each mount, EG: Camels(Inventory + Speed, can send home),Elephants(Siege, Inventory, Archer Post Heavy Saddle), Rhinos (Battering Ram Heavy Saddle, Siege, Damage), Gorillas (Can throw things, range, climbing)
  • Rework some the icons/animations for pets.


  • Adding new siege equipment: Ballista’s, mounted crossbows, catapults.
  • Elevator defenses, like being able to go throw hatch frames.


  • Continue to fix AI.
  • Add Thrall types: Worker (Gathers resources for Food/Water increase, active thrall and counts against thrall cap), Farmers, Engineers (Maintains, and operates siege defense equipment, bench thrall), Military Trainers (Trains other thralls; Fighters and Archers for small amounts of EXP overtime for increase in food and water consumption)
  • Either a thrall or a Pet that can detect when people get close to the base with Horn or something.
  • Give Performers different abilities; so EG:
    Removes corruption, and plays Victory Song increases Strength
    Removes corruption, and heals you, regenerating slowly
    or specific skills, use them kind of like clerics.

That’s all I got, not saying this would further balance or better the game just things myself and other people have thought of that might be worth talking about. Thanks for your time everyone! I think your headed in the right direction FUNCOM been here since early access the change from the original game is unbelievable.


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I agree with most of this especially as an RP PvE-C server owner on console, however as i myself have made some of the exact suggestions myself those whom have commented on my suggesions stated that until other game mechanics are implimented some of these suggestions would not work in game. But like you i hope that in the near future maybe during or after updates 2.1-2.3 those needed mechanics will be in place.

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