Thoughts on half-products and/or more convenient benches

I got the thought that there are too many half products like: Shaped wood, insulated wood, lotus powders, dyes colorants, water filled glass flask/purified water(how can it even come without a flask?), bonemill, alchemical base, hardened skin, layered silk, layered fur, rare spice, stone consolidant.

Their existance is hard to reason if you look at them from the points of view of:

  1. Convenience (massive number of different items in you inventory and crafting menus)
  2. Tidyness (how much mess does the halfproducts sums up to, by being everywhere spread around your house)
  3. Time efficiency (how many needless moves you do by walking bench to bench and chest to chest).

I don’t mean to be rude but honestly conan exiles sometimes bring to your mind playing some kind of Housewife Simulator, especially if sharing house with someone.

Let’s break some examples down:

  1. Shaped wood is a resource that you could replace in the recipes with just a basic wood + some other ingredient, while insulated wood could be replaced with wood and extra resin
  2. Grinding lotuses for powders is 100 % unnecessary if you could just replace the powder with lotuses in the recipes.
  3. Dark and light dye colorants can be removed in a blink of an eye, and replaced with bones/fangs and oil/tar for other recipes that uses them.
  4. Layered silk’s recipe ingredient could be just more gossamer, not silk.
  5. Purified water could be entirely replaced with water filled flasks in every single recipe.
  6. Rare Spices are used in just 4 recipes that you can’t even use unless you read a book in flotsam. They can be replaced with normal spices. Honestly i never even met anyone who would use them.

If you don’t want to change any of these recipies then maybe you should add some extra feats to the game that could allow you to bypass using these halfproducts, these feats would add to or replace your original recipes.


Make new benches (Named workshops??) that are multifunctional like it’s furnace combined with blacksmith’s bench, so that you can craft items straight from the ore, coal, wood, other ingredients like alchemical base to the full final product (optionally even allready upgraded with weapon kit or fitting).

It’s just a suggestion, i just pointed out that the mess in your household should not be one of the mainly challenging enemies in this game, but sometimes it feels like it (unfortunately), and is caused by how many different ingredients there are in the game (and how crafting works). The idea to cutt off some of those or find any way around it just feels kind of rational.

Intermediate and refined materials are logical in a crafting system, and you’ll find them in pretty much any game with a crafting system. Additionally, in most cases, the refined products take up far less space than their components. I.E a stack of hardened brick takes up far less space than the stone, fuel, plant fiber, and resin it takes to create.


That’s because none of those are reasons for their existence. That’s just a laundry list of things that bother you, but if you want to reason about these things, you have to look at the bigger picture, at how everything fits in the game.

There are many aspects of gameplay that these intermediate products affect. For example, there’s an ongoing discussion about the balance involved in crafting building pieces. A T3 foundation requires, among other things, 15 hardened bricks, which takes 6 minutes and 15 seconds to craft, in total. Changing this would drastically affect the PVP raid dynamics.

Another important aspect is precisely the space management inside your base. There are important choices to make about what tradeoffs you prefer. Do you want to spend more space but have the benefits of T3 benches (and which ones do you prefer)? Or do you want to keep your footprint low and work with T2 benches? Again, the footprint of your base is even more important on PVP servers.

Then there’s the topic of balancing of the game’s economy – not in terms of trading between players, but in terms of the relative value (in gameplay terms) of different resources and materials. I still remember when stone consolidant required ichor and twine instead of resin and fiber. The priorities for farming were different back then than they are now, and that’s something that has a powerful impact on shaping the typical game session.

Last, but not least, consider the progression. When it comes to sandbox games, the best way to teach new players how to play is by giving them goals to aspire to. Journey steps are one piece of that puzzle, but those are just visual representation of those goals, and they can’t exist without those goals existing in the first place. Having players progress from one tier of crafting to the next is a great way to teach them about the gameplay mechanics and to motivate them to explore the world and engage with the content. You might not care about progression as much, but it’s very important to those who prefer to play in single-player mode.

In conclusion, I agree with @Tuffman: this is par for the course in a survival game, and it’s what makes the game richer.

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But what about the comfort of the intermediate players who are not yet rich enough to make a big house with every box separate for each resource type and benches for each purpose. If they are active clan, but if not everyone in is a “house-proud” (even if they are it sometimes happens) then they deal with a big mess. It may also be a matter of how boxes and benches works (and UI in general) but still, i have not seen a game where you can have such mess as conan, where you sometimes tend to spend more time managing your equipment than actually playing the game. :smiley:

I really like managing equipment and things like that, but not the way the CE handles it.

Maybe Devs should invent some kind of Equipment Manager for players, where you can have quick access to every box and bench in an instant, and can transfer things in a blink of an eye. I’m just thinking out loud. Anyway… Something IMO HAS to be done about it so that intermediate players don’t play housewife simulator. It’s all fun and games at the begging but later on it becomes most annoying part of the game, later on when you are rich and can afford a big-ass house and boxes wherever you want it’s not so bad, but before that happens you choose a life of a housewife or life of a bum, and majority of players choose the second one :joy: :rofl:

It could be something more simple that the manager, like even some custom player tabs in the boxes would make a whole lot of difference. With that auto-play thing you sounded like my cousin who i played this game, once when he said: “Why would there exist an obelisks if you can travel by walk or horse” and i said: “Yeah like wasting half hour going back and forth the route that you allready run hundreds of times before is just hella fun”.

Fact that i’d like to highlight now is that some parts of the game content gets boring/unnecessary after hundreds of hours or more into game and it would be fine to give players some better tools to manage them. Even being able to search for the key word in the event logs would make a difference, because we often share house with someone who makes us look for our goods in our houses, hehe.

It’s a survival sandbox game. The environment is not supposed to be comfortable, it’s supposed to challenge you to impose your own comfort on it.

When I start each play-through, the first home I build is a crappy T1 shack with just one wooden box in it. I eventually end up with a castle with several towers, each dedicated to a different purpose, with a multitude of chests in each, storing only one kind of thing inside each chest. The journey from the shack to the castle is what makes this game fun for me.

How do I organize in between? Where do I keep stuff? Each player answers that question according to their preferences and abilities. What works for me is to keep some stuff in chests, and the rest inside the crafting stations’ own inventories, which allows me to group them naturally according to their use.

I don’t get this whole idea about being “rich enough to afford a big house”. All you need is a set of decent tools and some map knowledge, and you can build T1 like crazy. And when I say “decent”, I’m not talking about endgame content – like star metal, obsidian, or legendary – I’m talking about steel tools with a simple tool upgrade kit. Hell, with a bit of know-how, you can even get advanced tool upgrade kits before you’re able to craft them. Not to mention that harvest rates are much better than they used to be.

So you don’t need to be rich to have enough space to organize, you need to be good at playing the game. What this whole thread sounds like is not enough experience combined with unwillingness to either learn or compromise.


I smell what your stepping in. I’ll spend less time grinding and raiding camps than base housekeeping. I come back with full inventory on myself and thralls which is great however running circles around my base for half an exile day isn’t a good time. A taskmaster bench that sorts inventory into allocated locations would help.

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