Thoughts On the Future Of Anarchy Online


Did this thread get resurrected? If it hasn’t it’s deja vu all over again.

I had high hopes for when it went live on Steam only to have them dashed when FC did a half-finished Steam Overlay.


A Funcom employee confirmed something is coming in Q1 next near but we don’t know what it is yet.


Just add AL and AI to the free play and people will swarm that game again.
I liked SL. There is some more depth in that area.


Split an already thin population over two servers = risk to kill the game. So other many suggestions were made along the years…


Well a lot of the current QoL features in the cash shop were put there to contend with the low population. I’d hope if they made a new server it would be cash shop nerfed… meaning only cosmetics allowed for a period of six months.

I also forgot about all the ‘fast track’ additions they did with all the daily missions and such… I think it would be quite hard to make a ‘clean’ fresh start server. To many additions have gone into the game to trivialize lower end content (like the subway weapons). Also all the nano and class changes. I think I agree. A pre AI new start (at that patch level) would be great. Roll back many of the changes. But sadly that would include a lot of fix’s as well. I don’t think AO has the sort of dev support to do anything to that scale anymore… not even close.

Here is to hoping the Q1 announcement (if its more then a rumor) is more then ‘we are shutting Ao down so we are unlocking all content till date X when servers go offline’ haha XD


It is true, Michi and team are hard at work creating something a bit different for new content/challenges.
While i dont have details on when the official announcement will be made (with actual, shareable details), it shouldnt be too much longer (maybe this month or next, optimistically).

Future content when? Link provided

Great news! Maybe also throw in a couple of balance changes to spice things up. :blush:


I’ll actually resub if and when it releases, even if it’s a token effort.


Count me in, ill re-sub as well!


I’ll resub too…no, wait, I’m already subscribed…OK, I’ll resub even MORE!.


why can’t i sell items from my backpack still?


Intentional nerf to control bp duping. Frankly, wouldn’t hold breathe for a change. You can ctl+clik items to shop from regular inventory.


They should simply make AO2, IMO thats the only real fix for our issues.


i would gladly delete evry character i have if i had the option to start fresh on a new server.
but agein… only if they put effort into profession balance and coded the server so it be harder to implement programs to dupelicate items etc.


Well we can day dream about it :smiley: I mean they already did it with conan. With the legacy server. The cash shop was nerfed for the legacy server and it was a fresh start. If they do that for AO… Mm!


IF they reset all chars. My 14 years played and PAYED char will lost and i will “lose” money. I wont allow that. Fix the game some other way or create new game. Well they created Conan.


AO is old enough to be in the right phase of life for this :


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What it tells:

  • They are making merge. Like they did on AO.

  • Not enough players so need to merge. No need to upkeep many servers.

  • Same time can do some chances.

  • There can be better “stuffs (servers)” on Crom. (no idea)

  • E


Does my Saga character have to go to Crom?

Yes, all characters on Saga of Zath are being moved to Crom during the merge. If you want your Saga character on Fury, you will need to use the Character Transfer service from your account page.