Thoughts on the Rage Shem


You own not a single item:

“Funcom has the absolute right to manage, modify, suspend, and/or eliminate virtual items or currency without notice or liability to you. Except as otherwise prohibited by applicable law, Funcom reserves and retains all rights, title, and interest in and to the virtual items and virtual currency.” -

Pretty standard term in any EULA/Terms of service if you would spent time reading them.

And some random person asking a random GM for ingame info is neither a surefire way to forward a bug nor really trustworthy. As much as GMsare there to help they aren’t all knowing and can be misinformed. Something that happened recently with another thing: Redeemer of the dawn achievement (asking for spoiler)

Why didn’t they spot it right of the bat? Easy, because QA,the people that test code, are no metahumans that test every line for any possible bug as that is flatout impossible. No matter if you are SWL, WorldofWarcraft, Aion, Guildwars2, Tera or any other game. A lot of the high profile games we think are stable are just that because they have more people behind the scenes. Sure it’S silly that things like itemdrops from achievements don’T at least get a look over and one can question the priorities in bugtesting they do but they are testing and they are getting bugs fixed. Thing is it’s not the bugs you will ever see because by the time you get your hands on the release version the biggest chunk of stuff has already been taken care of.

They currently have no new patch planned so they won’t just shut down the server but wait for probably the event end patch or the patch after to fit it in when QA had a chance to look at it this time if the change worked so everyone gets their rage shem. You gotta wait for it and no level of being angry at them is gonna change that.


But its the RAGE shem, I have to be angry about it


Not including the shem certainly generated more interest and debate in this pet than would have otherwise been. Perhaps cynical, but this approach seems to be working as intended.


“We messed up” is disappointing. It would have been a really nice variation on the standard procedure to gather event items. Especially for the anniversary. Killing harmless mobs with a huge amount of health is not that satisfying. I loved the attempts to unlock that shem, by the way. Breaking Happy Feet, killing all the other pet shems with that Amalgam thing, throwing and using different items and emotes on the HK and Talos. Even looking for bosses all over the world and using the event chat to gather people was more fun than just waiting an hour for the next spawn.


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