Thrall 2.0 OverPower - Kill player with a HIT KILL PvP?

Friends, during PvP I sometimes follow friends from another clan with their thralls, then it may happen that thrall during PvP attacks you, and usually ends up killing me with a HIT KILL, is this normal?

Example: Daicas or Dalinsia, with weapon piercing kit, using adventurer’s blade, crom sword, black dragon pike.

Thralls are now very overpowered by damage.

Has been like that for more than 6 months now.

According to Funcom you have to use a shield.


Just dodge the attack lel

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The other day I helped another clan during a raid. just doing a bit of guard duty outside. Every time they set off explosives I had to run away because the explosion damage made their thralls aggro on anyone not from their clan who was in their range.

Hilarious times. :see_no_evil:

Edit: Also it seems like thralls remember who they aggroed on last. Maybe just coincidence, but often when the enemy clan came to fight outside, the “friendly” thralls chose to aggro on me again, even though the enemy was closer to them and actually attacking the thralls owner.

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