Thrall 4Engine Crash Problem

I play Conan about 3 year and have like 900h or more. There was no problem antil last patch. I lost all my saved, because new thrall upgrade create 4 Engine crash. Sorry for my english, but I’m realy pist and I spend all last day uninstalling all mods, game, clean dust from my PC and it’s doesn’t work. I even chang setting to low and nothing.

This is my mods list.

and my PC specification.
GeForce RTX 2070
Intel® core™ i5-9600 CPU 3.70GHz
16 GB Ram

I will be grateful for any help.

Check your mods. StraysThralls in particular is causing issues, could be others in your list.

Great thanks man, that’s work! I wait with Strays Thralls when it’s be update because i like this mods.

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