Thrall Action When Moving Bases

Could there possibly be a way to store thralls even after they have been implemented in the game. It would be very beneficial if one is completely moving their base to another location to be able to do this. The current process is tedious and time consuming. This just a suggestion, love the game, love the content.

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The way the game currently stores thrall data makes your idea very difficult. Basically, a thrall that has been placed in the game world becomes a unique person, with stat growth chances, perks, etc. But as long as the thrall is an item in your inventory or storage, it has only information on its name and type. And if you pick up a thrall, it turns back into the “inventory item” version, thus losing all data on its leveling etc.

This problem came up because there is a mod that let you pick up thralls that were already placed in the world, but when the leveling system was introduced, it turned out it resets the levels, growth rates and all randomized features of the thrall because the inventory item has no place to store that data.

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