Thrall army field commands

So I just read a post about using thralls with truncheons to help stunn attacking NPCs for capture. Brilliant yet should have been obvious - but I’m new here, so I expect I have a ton to learn. This gave me an idea.

Chat commands - What if we could give chat commands to our thralls? “Thralls stun”, “Thralls ranged”, “Thralls melee”, “Thralls block”

Stun: They just stun every attacking NPC they can reach, this included archers with blunts.
Ranged: All thralls with bows or thrown weapons switch to that weapon and attack
Melee: Switch to melee weapons and attack
Block: All thralls just block as best at they can - sometthing I’d use if a very important named NPC was at risk of death. I’ve beat a named to death before with a truncheon, so the “Stun” command might be too much.

SInce thralls seem to sleep on the job a lot, this would be a way to force them to action. Make them range attack an advancing enemy, before the enemy strikes the first blow. When our thralls get confused by their weapon choices and start fist fighting, we shout a command, they wake up and draw the commanded weapon type and get to work.

This would feel so immersive. I’m excited just thinking about how awesome purges will be with this. How sweet to be the general, giving orders to the troops.

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