Thrall attacking very slowly after 2.3

My thrall, equipped with a two handed sword, is attacking very slowly after the 2.3 patch. She also does one attack at a time, no combos. The thrall’s performance has therefore dramatically decreased. Is this a bug, or intended?


Impossible to say based on such limited data, but it’s possible that the old “feature” where thralls had “preferred weapons” may have resurfaced. Try to give the thrall a one-handed weapon (sword or axe) and see if she does combos with that.

After a quick glance around the forums, it seems my guess was correct, or at least close to correct. It’s a known issue.

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I’ve seen other topics, and saw that it’s a known issue. However, I would like to add that, interestingly, my new Accursed Berserker seems to be working OK; it’s the older thralls that are having problems, at least in my collection. Anyone else observe this?

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Have 5 thralls that are working flawlessly, 1 that sometime forgett how to use its weapon. All of those where leveld up before patch. After the patch, i have enlisted one of the berserkers from the tower camp. She is working like a charm.

I must be lucky somehow.
Also, i love this patch.

Its true i have lots of thralls all maxed lvl they were fine b4 the update now they only do one hit, however the new thralls i got from the camps are working fine, i hope there is a fix soon!

Can you sit her down and have a conversation? Maybe her heart’s just not in it like it used to be?

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