Thrall attributes

Fighter, Level III
Why, oh why do they always place with 2/3 of the attribute points in accuracy and the greatest growth chance also in accuracy and almost always with zero strength? Come on. It can’t possibly be difficult to fix.

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Do note that the factions your thrall is in will have an influence in their attributes. Thralls from the nordheimers like Lian or Janos tend to have str and vit as their primary attribute in comparison with Teimos or Braggi who has accuracy and vit if I’m not mistaken.

While you can get good stats on the Dogs of the desert, darfari or even the exiles in terms of vit and str, most of the time, they tend to be better in surv and acc.

Not too sure about the gear and food, but I assume these affect the levelling chance as well, but only a chance. I’ve had a Cimmerian Berserker before with 100% chance on levelling vit and I still receive a perk that increased its strength.

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Unfortunately, the food buffs have no influence on perks, just the distributed points on leveling up. Even the number of points per level are semi-random, as are each point into each attribute.

You may want to take a look at this list, sortable, to target what you want as starting stats.



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