Thrall BAG discussion

What was the purpose of changing the thrall icons to bags? I mean there’s no description or icon telling you what the thrall is. If I have a bunch of named thralls I would have to go from bench to bench, load them in to see if they’re the right bench or not.

Needless change IMO!

You call it change, I’d rather call it a bug.

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Ill call it a bug too.

It’s a really weird bug though. Super annoying. Hardly gamebreaking though, all things considered.

I believe the “bag” thrall icon is the default icon for when the game cannot find the proper thrall icon. Thus, it seems to be a ‘disconnecting’ between what the icon should use and what is actually appearing. Having a default icon means the game can still be played without crashing (because there IS something to use). But it also means the game can’t ‘find’ the icon its supposed to use. So the devs are going to have to go back through the code, find why the game can’t find the right icons for thralls, and then tell the game where the address is for the icons for each and every thrall again. It should be an easy fix, but it’ll be a time-consuming one, too.

More than anything else, I would expect that it’s highly embarrassing. They worked down their list, they corrected what needed to be corrected, and QA personnel didn’t even notice or check to see that the thralls in the bench had a different icon.

It is a bug, just as you said, that is really weird. It does not make any sense. What palettes, or libraries, or icon sets were adjusted to cause this? Why did those resources need to be adjusted in whatever other work was going on? How could you adjust those resources without proper diligence to make sure other existing and established icons were not mangled in the process?

How common is this bug I wonder? I’m not experiencing this, thrall icons are as normal for me. Brand new game though, post updates.

PVE Server 1010 we all missing the Icons and all having the placeholder Icon bag

Up until your post, I thought it was ubiquitous. Goes for newly tamed (or taming) thralls too. As far as I know, everyone on my server has it.

Its not a bug.

They now come gift wrapped.


Lol. How kind of funcom.

@Mikey Maybe because of new game?

It’s possible. I’m pretty sure I started a new (single-player) game post-patch, but not 100%. I’ll try it when I get back, see if that makes a difference.

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