Thrall Breaking on Wheels

I am making the assumption that thrall breaking on wheels of pain is based of the level of the thrall and regardless of what they do breaking time is only based off the level of the trall.

Last night I came across a named fighter thrall (Thugra). While I was waiting for him to break I looked up his stats online and it seems he has only 400HP. Previously I have broken Liam’s which have a much higher HP than Thugra. I am making the assumption that they both take the same amount of time to break.

My Questions (Q) and Suggestions (S):
Q: Thrall breaking is based off level correct?
If so, Thugra based of time vs return is nowhere near as valuable as Liam thus making Thugra obsolete from a numbers game.

S: The time taking to break a thrall should be based of their HP and not their level. This would make every thrall valuable based off the time you are willing to wait for it to break and protect it from others as its going through the breaking process.

heya and yes, thrall breaking time is based off level, a named or lvl 4 taskmaster will break your thrall the fastest. well thugra has low hp because darfari is supposed to be the starter area tribe, which have the lowest hp, liam is northern tribe, thats why he has more hp. i dont think its a good idea to base breaking time on hp. some berserker as example has 1k hp, how long do you want to wait till they are broken ? thugra is still worth to get when you have a base near the desert area, there is not such a threat to your base like in the north and he doesnt need that much hp(frost giants, mammoth aso)