Thrall capture glitch (That you wont help with)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug (again)
Server type: PvP
Region: NA East, 1943

Since my last complaint I’ve lost my corpse 4 times, and my base twice, due to bugs. But I tried looking past it. Now, i can no longer capture thralls. If i enter water, AT ALL, or if i jump further than a foot, it immediately despawns the NPC i have tied up. This happened 4 times in a row, 4 different types. I’m fully aware NOTHING will be done, as this forum seems like just a way to placate the masses (seriously, have you guys EVER responded to a complaint with anything other than “Tough luck, we can’t help, even though it’s OUR game”.) But I figured I’d still post this. Barely matters, I’m uninstalling the game. It would have been great if not for it’s worthless dev support. I mean rly, was this just a cash grab to you???

I mean FFS, you refuse to fix the duping, even though this community has dumped countless WORKABLE fixes your way. Instead you disable the avatars for what, a week? Do some half-assed hotfix, then move on, ignoring fact it keeps happening.
Good luck with the game. You need it.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Capture thrall
  2. Enter water or jump off ledge
  3. ???
  4. Profit
    (As if your response will be anything other than “Sorry you lost a derketo arch priest and named T4 archer, sucks to be you, we don’t help anyone”)

They probably aren’t helping you because what you describe is not a problem with the game, but the server you are playing on.

Never seen these problems on any one of the 20 or so different private servers I’ve played on.

I’ve never played on any of the official servers, but from posts like this, I’m glad I don’t. A few of them seem to be real turds.

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PSA: I figured out a fix that doesn’t 100% stop it, but DOES help, and outright fixes many other common issues.
In the steam properties for the game, under general, click launch options. When prompted, put this in the spot provided: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -NOSPLASH -PREFERREDPROCESSOR #
“#” = the number of processors you have. you can check in task manager > performance: logical processors.
it seems conan uses only a small portion of your pc’s capabilities. Do this, and most lag or load related issues will vanish or diminish significantly. There are other things you can do too, but not something safe enough for an amateur like me to talk someone through. It’s all ez to find on youtube though.

Still not going back to game, but hoping someone here gets use out of the info

Hey @Kysier

We understand the frustration these issues can cause, but we could do with a more constructive tone and less outright deceiving in the feedback received in order to be able to act upon it. We’ve been collecting feedback from our community and using it to improve the game in most feasible cases, including duping and other exploits on which we’re actively working on right now.

In your case in particular, if you could please elaborate more on the issue you’re reporting and less on the rant, we could try to send it to our team so they can verify the issue and fix it. What you’re saying is, that one a KO’d thrall is being dragged, you lose it when jumping or entering a body of water? Is there any other circumstance that could be affecting this, such as a huge ping at the moment of this happening?


I do apologize. Between this account, my fiance’s account, and my brother’s, we had been collectively told 11 times, over 11 different issues, the same general response: “We’ll have our devs look into it, but we can do nothing to correct the problem” My fiance had just quit in frustration, so I was exceptionally cranky. Again though, apologies. The long rant was uncalled for, and immature… (I actually tried deleting n reposting a less ranty version, but it wouldn’t let me)

I learned from another user (one who helped with the fix), it has to do with server overload combined with small load-lag spikes created during falls and entering water. Something to do with how the game reads the roped thrall’s condition… The fix i mentioned above does fix it (well, 9 times out of 10, it can still happen but only rarely). There’s also in game tricks such as always facing it as u move (running backwards). You are correct though. It happens when entering water, or falling. I’m not sure what to add there, that’s why original post info was so lacking. One minute i have it, next it’s gone, and always during those 2 moments.

In truth, it seems thrall issues are the largest community complaint. Perhaps changing the code behind the capture mechanics? Or create a map tracker the way corpses are marked by a headstone? (I believe it’s likely not despawning, but clipping into something). Could also include a mechanic to spawn lost captures at nearest bed, though I imagine that particular fix could be hard to prevent abuse with.

Of my friends who play., 5 have quit so far, and 4 did exclusively over thrall issues n glitches. Though I’ll likely cave n go back to game, (glitches n bad support system aside, this game is amazing), the rest prolly wont. Got feeling if the thrall system was fixed, they all would, along with many other quit players. The 5th sadly left over support system, so i don’t think he’ll b back.

I think the big deal breaker is fact thralls play such a pivotal role in the game mechanics, so them glitching constantly poses a huge barrier.

Edit: I don’t think it was entirely deceiving. Duping has been a problem for some time, and most of the time when reporting an issue of any type, we do receive vague general responses that don’t rly offer any players solutions. Nothing can be replaced, rolled back, or corrected beyond being told devs will try and work on it. I still regret the rant, I acted like a child, but I don’t think it was overly misleading. It did exaggerate the extreme nature of the situation though. Devs do seem to try quite hard. My friend actually said it the best: “The devs are great, but the support system they created feels more like a PR campaign than an actual forum designed to fix people’s issues” Since players generally can’t get their issues fixed, only eventually see the glitch be fixed, it feels more like we’re offering free beta-testing rather than actually getting our losses/problems corrected.


The Funcom people communicating with us are community managers, not game developers. They can’t offer you quick fixes to problems that are caused by something deep within game code. That’s why we see the copy-paste reply of “sending the info to the devs” so often - that’s what the people on these forums can do.

I used to be annoyed that there’s no bug reporting ticket system, but between this forum and the Trello board, I can see not only the developments of my bug reports, but I can also see what sort of bugs are bugging people in general, possible workaround solutions to those, as well as Funcom’s prioritization of those bug fixes and what hope there is to get them fixed. And the reports go through an Ignasis-filter so the devs won’t get constantly spammed with reports of the same issue.

Oh, I know. It’s more along lines of even after being forwarded to devs, no options are available to the players. My issue there isn’t exactly lack of action but lack of possibilities. Didn’t mean to suggest the community support ppl here in forums are responsible for it. Hell, though they have little authority, they try their damndest to at least be nice n responsive.

No worries @Kysier. We understand the frustration and how it can be to not see an issue addressed fast enough.
We’ve notified our team about this problem under heavy server stress to see if they can find a way to optimize the netcode and prevent this from happening in the future.

Regarding duping and exploiting in general, our answers are deliberately vague when dealing with them as we don’t want this kind of information to be of public knowledge, nor our fixes to be known beforehand so some players can find new ways to break the game.
We’re also most of the time unaware of the actual methods players use to exploit (i.e. duping) as those who use it keep it for themselves, and those who suffer it often only have incomplete pieces of information we can’t effectively use to concoct a fix.
Fortunately, regarding duping, many players have come forward and shared all the info they had on it during the past weeks and we’ve started to take measures to fight this gamebreaking exploit actively. Some of those measures have been sneakily put in place behind the scenes and we’ve started collecting data and confirming its effectiveness. Some, more aggressive fixes are being worked on right now and will be announced when the time comes.
All these things we just shared above are usually kept vague or not disclaimed, as it gives a hint to the people abusing it we would prefer not to. But we understand that for the majority of players who are suffering its effects it can be very frustrating to not know it is being worked on.

Since we’re derailing a bit with the topic of exploit discussion unrelated to the original issue treated in this thread, if you happen to come across information regarding exploits and how to reproduce them, we’d be grateful if you could share it with us privately either via forum private message to either @Hugo or me, or via our tool Exploit Hunters.
Thanks and again, apologies for the frustration.


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