Thrall Control Extended *Performance fix*

Funcom, the thrall and pet systems runs a continues proximity script that I am sure doesnt help with performance. Might I suggest adding more control over thralls as well as limiting the amount of place able npc’s per person or clan (through server settings).

Thrall control options:
Behavior Options:

  • Passive - Passive will have your placeable npc stand and do nothing and look for nothing using minimal resources.
  • Neutral - Sets ur placeable to stand and do nothing until attacked and then the scripts kick in.
  • Attack my target - Sets your placeable npc to only attack what you are attacking.

Movement Options:

  • Guard - Basically what they are at now.
  • Attack - command the placeable npc to attack you target.
  • Follow - Command the placeable npc to follow you.
  • Disband - Fires the placeable npc making them hostile after 30 seconds.

A placeable with the behavior set to passive and movement set to follow you just follow you without scanning for hostiles while if set to neutral will only attack if attacked and if set to aggressive will attack everything near you or attack my target will only attack if you attack the hostile first.

Limiting the quantity of placed placeable npcs to 30(max but adjustable) for a player will also reduce server issues.


I understand this is a complete rework so I dont expect much but it is a very productive and efficient change that could be made. Take it as you will.

in an attempt to limit the “server performance replies” I am aware there are other contributing factors. This is just my one solution to a looping script shortcoming.

What I am not saying:
This shouldn’t affect the amount of placeable npcs you have in storage or thralls in benches just ones you have physically placed down.


Gosh I want a disband option so fluffing bad

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The disband option please
and option to kill abandoned thralls and pets i have been playing for a month now on this server and this pets and thralls are still alive and flying we really need the pet limit on pve official server with limited thrall it will also limit there construction of buildings.

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20+ or more areas like this on the server i play pve official thralls not dying at all owner left for a long time now not just 14 days the 14 days system is not functional.

pvp server can have unlimited amount of thrall that’s not a problem to them because anyone can kill thrallss there but pve… give thrall limitation please

Yeah this is a separate issue. Yes it can be curved with a thrall/pet limit but you see stuff like this when a base decays. The problem in your pictures is solved by Funcom re-enabling the hunger system. If they have no food they should starve and die.

To counter your pvp statement, unlimited thralls does effect pvp servers because of the continuous proximity scripts running on each pet and thrall and it should never be left in the hands of the players to moderate a persons pet or thrall count via killing them but thats just my opinion.

They either need to change the way pets and thralls work or limit them for all servers; im proposing both for a stable fix.

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