Thrall Corpses Still Disappear

Server: Solo (Private)
Region: North America

Issue: Thrall corpses (NPCs) disappear (turn invisible).

I can still smack the area to find them (using a Mitra blessing symbol to collect lingering essence), but the body itself seems to disappear partially or completely into the ground. Striking the area will most times yield the lingering essence and loot bag gets produced (if I find the exact spot where they died). If I’m fighting multiple NPCs, finding the spot where they actually died gets to be a challenge.

This issue does not seem to affect animals. Only thralls.

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yeah the body glitching is horrible on testlive_us3_pve. they fall through the ground just about every time now and/or just flicker out of existance.

You can leave the area and comeback (not sure the distance) but body will reappear or log out and back in and body I’ll reappear but yes this isn’t the practical solution but it’s something till they can fix the problem that’s if they are planning to

Yes, of course, you can do that, but that’s what is called a workaround, not a fix.

And on testlive, purpose is to test, fix, and balance the game. If i’m on a regular run, sure, i will. We all know mostly the trick to make the game give us back what belongs to us. :wink:

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