Thrall decay when recreating character

So after 6 years it finally happened, i accidentally recreated my character instead of removing my bracelet and lost my bases and followers. I got my stuff back but even though the bases decay instantly the followers don’t. I don’t see why not since you can’t get them back anyways. Now they just block me from building a new base and as i had been on the server for a couple of years i had a few of them…

So could you make it so that the followers vanish instantly as well since there’s no reason for them to stay on the server when someone deletes or recreates their character?


Think it will be 15 days when ur (new) character is NOT active/close.
(like in decay)
How long they stay present when you áre resetting those timers no idea.
But mostly they eventually dissapear, even if the “old” player is still on.

Im kinda guessing, I think its like this or likewise, not sure tho but as there are no reactions i chime in.

And hey - i always think when i remove the bracelet… when will i accidently press … Recreate character. Well you did.

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