Thrall Diet section

In the thrall diet section where it tells you all they eat it should also be clickable, list the names of the foods and the stats they level up for the pets and thralls as well as the healing rates. It’s a huge hassle to google it every time I need to adjust the food intake.

If you funcom would be ever so kind to add this in this would help newer players, experienced ones and just make a quality of life benefit like no other.

Please and thank you.


Human thralls eat everything, totally everything. In Playstation we do not have the ability to see the names of the food, this would be very useful for the new players, I agree.

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That an the growth bonus chance and percentage of the said food would be wonderful. I forgot to mention on PS5 so that would have been a great clarification thank you. I am sure you can mod PC version to a degree to provide that aspect with out funcom having to develop it for both consoles.

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