Thrall Diets in cultures

One thing that has always caught my eye is the diet of thralls.

I understand a universal diet system makes things less complex, but it also makes it very repetitive, and bland. When I see a Darfari with no human flesh, bug kabob, or mystery meat soup in their diet. It makes me scratch my head a little.

I would just like to see a more flushed out system with diets. Representing different cultures, and at the same time making the specialist cooking recipes more meaningful within those diets.

I sill like the Universal food coverage for base stats. I would just enjoy seeing more flare to the menu is all. :poultry_leg: :cut_of_meat: :pizza: :mushroom: :stew: :eyes: :heart:


I’m pretty sure that human flesh would be considered to easy a resource to get to be a useful food directly for human thralls.

@dobbytwostep , This is so true and correct. All the darfari fighters focus on survival, so their best food must be the mystery meat soup. Now I play Siptah and I don’t have all the cooking recipes, still I believe that we must have one recipe to boost different attributes each. So far I know that mystery meat soup is survival buff, and rhino head soup is encumbrance buff. I would like to have recipes (maybe they already exist) to give attributes buffs for players and training focus for thralls. Every single recipe should have different origin to cover the races and at the same time to make as need the cooking recipes more. I love to fix kitchens and cook almost all the recipes.


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