Thrall disappearance

So, I logged off to help my GF on another game . I placed my lvl 20 Bearer thrall to Guard so he didn’t wander to my main base and when I logged back on he’d vanished. On the follower list he’d just gone. I checked the log and it said I had deleted him, when no such thing had happened. Anybody else had this happen? Having taken the time to level him i’m mightily miffed and that’s an understatement,

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Welcome to the community my friend. To the question if something like this ever happened to me, the answer is no. However this is not the first odd thing that I read in this forum, so I believe you :wink:. I can understand your desperation totally, I remember 2 years ago I lost my first lvl 3 bearer in the silver mine lower part, the first boss kill her and I felt like I want to quit the game. Ofcurce I lost decades of thralls after but she was my first :wink:. I will give you a tip you might already know. Go to Den from the west gate. Place a wheel of pain. Start entering from the west gate, make the round and exit again from there killing every bearer you find in den. Maximum the 5th spawn will provide you a named bearer. Almost every day a named bearer spawns there, trust me :wink:.
One last thing, if you want to log out away from your base, give the command, stop following. The thrall will return home alone. Plus even in pve someone else can kill your thrall, I won’t tell you how, but he can.

Thanks for your tips. It got worse as with whatever update happened for the new expansion, ALL my bases and thralls were erased on every realm. So quit in disgust. Back again and plodding on, with so far only a snake boss glitch

just to let you know , when you press E a while to open the " wheel of choice " of your thrall , there is an option on this wheel that is " break bond " and will delete your thrall , but normally there is a pop-up asking if you are sure about it .

for the thing about thralls and bases were erased on every realm , were you playing on official or private servers ? if on official you need to know that there is a decay timmer of 1 week ( 2 on holidays ) that means you need to log in , and go to each base you made within that timmer ( it depends on the size of base to max 168h or 336 h on holidays ) or else the base will vanish , and for the followers it’s 2 weeks max ( and refresh on any connection by 1 clanmember on the server ) .

hope this will help you understand better what might have happen

I ate them all, cannibal Vamp Ojo on the prowl!

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