Thrall dispatch missions

I think a new station where u can dispatch thralls. What resources and the amount collected with a combination if gear/equipment/etc… will give a percentage of success, The % being lower the further away from the dispatch station the resources are. Thralls can either physically travel in game for a certain amount of time or they will vanish and return after a set amount of time, or they wont return at all if sent out on a dangerous quest where we will be notified of their death/failure.
We can have a cap of up to 5 or less thralls per a dispatch.
Partial failures being described as a thrall or two dies but the resources are gathered.
Partial Completion being described as most or very very little supplies are gathered.
Failures being described as the party got wiped out or only a couple of survives with no resources gathered.

My minimum expectation for me to be content if this gets implemented:
Dispatch Station (Craftable) (Also has a inventory for sucessiful/Partial Sucessiful Returns)
The ability to select Specific thralls Nearby for the mission.
The further the location the Longer the mission takes.
The ability to select either Raw Resources\Food.
Lower % chance of success based on number of thralls dispatched per a mission with equipment.

What will amazed me (additional but not required):
Thralls being dispatch leaves on foot, leaving the probability of certain encounters to lessen their success (Enemy NPC\Other Clan Player).
Equipment being damaged\destroyed.
Fellow dead party Members being brought back if partial failure (mainly for gear\equipment to be reused\recycle)


You describe one of the planned features of the Emberlight mod ))) There is a working prototype of this feature as a separate mod called Conscripts. It’s great in SP for those who like building without endless grinding of iron, wood & stone.

I think this is a phenomenal idea! Honestly it would make sense. I feel like Conan is sorely lacking in the creativity department when it comes to gathering resources, a certain other game that most of us have probably all played (and probably quit because it’s an aweful mess lol) let’s players tame creatures that can be used to farm Mats, the only way to get mats in Conan is manual… yeah… not a huge fan of that.
Just saying any form of a change that would allow for easier mat collection would be great and I honestly think that it’s long overdue

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What does this conscript mod comprise of? (multi mod\total\moderate conversion?)
What can it do and what is it suppose to do?
What are the known bugs?
Do Official Updates Break the mod at every update?

Conscripts were working OK before the last patch, but after the patch I started a new game so I don’t have Conscripts station yet, just gathering resources.

Conscripts mod

It’s described here. It’s from the same author (Alren Storm) who made Horticulture mod and joined Emberlight group with his work. Now they are going to include the main idea of Conscripts (with many new features) into their Emberlight mod but don’t have any ETA yet so I continue using Conscripts. They have a Discord channel and Alren is always available if there are any problems with it.

Jesus. Until major changes happen with that mod, that will be a hard NO for me. It is beyond excessive and fails at doing the basic requirements and modifies heavily exsisting tables that will break with every official patch.

Strange but it didn’t break anything for me. There was mod incompatibility issue with Emberlight last December but Alren corrected it the same day I asked him, that’s all. All mods change some existing tables and can have issues with some future patches so the only way to avoid it is to play vanilla game.

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