Thrall Dmg Tool

Good morning, I was reviewing the tests performed by firespark81

Where the values ​​with which the dmg of a slave can be calculated based on a 100/100 katana are delivered. Although it is true that there is a lack of information to identify a damage with a different weapon, the formula does allow us to know the difference in damage between different factions within the game. such as comparing if a Janos with 80 of force attacked more than a Cimmerium with 50.

I attached the link of an excel with the thrall fighter most used in the game, you should only modify the fields “stat strenght” and “stat vitality” and in the last two columns they will have the final life bonus and the final strength bonus. Sorry for my translation, my English is pretty bad.!ArTQEMDXkyMnjGuAf1UlUKBzoGFb?e=pY7838


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Fantastic! Thank you!!

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