Thrall does not use knock down club anymore

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Misc]
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As the title say, before you could give a Thrall a knock down club to help in slave hunting, now they cn be equiped with but dont attack/use it, this is very bad for lone wolf players, can you pleas e reactivate it?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

It was working fine yesterday for us. Perhaps take it away give back along with a shield.

It’s been very hit and miss for me lately. Before the last update the thralls were very responsive but now they can get stuck twiddling their thumbs pretty often .

I just run them away and hope it works later

It might simply be a case of Thrall Confusion. If you recently had a weapon on the Thrall it might be searching for it in its inventory. Try giving back the weapon taken until it places it into its hand and then wait until it equips the truncheon, then remove the weapon while the truncheon is being used by the Thrall. Try removing the helmet, or chest, sometimes that works to get them to start clubbing again. Hope this helps.

Try beating up ur thrall sometimes that works too. Remember they’re slaves n u r their master! (Best feature in Conan btw lol)

Hello @KarstenZ1971, thank you for reaching out!

Thralls have not been modified in any way that would prevent them from using blunt weapons, we’d suggest that you try giving him only one weapon, preferably of the same type he had when captured, and have him engage in combat with it, then swap it for the intended weapons.

We also have some major changes to the thrall/pet system in the pipeline that will hopefully prevent this sort of issues from happening.

For clarity do not swap the weapon during combat. Allow the thrall to finish combat and place the weapon back into their inventory before swapping to another weapon or truncheon.

I’ll also note that if your thrall is following you backwards. Facing towards the enemies that they were engaged with and you switch their weapon they will fail to use it as they are still engaged in combat with that NPC.

Thralls must be in a resting state for 100% weapon change success.

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