Thrall dying to black bird boss ( blood tool boss)

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug with the boss.
Server type: pvp - pve
Region: NA

So out doing farming run with a lvl 13 thrall in deck out heavy armor with sword of crom, and proceed to fight with the thrall against that boss … Started with 7k hp thrall … he lost 7k of hp in matter of one minute. There is seriously some power spike from the boss doing multiple damage to the thrall more damage then intended. I did lose the thrall and had to fight the boss alone … and i still beat the boss but was seriously weird … I had done this fight multiple times in the past with no problem even with the update. Bosses are hitting much harder then before. I dont mind the extra challenge… just not losing a thrall like this.

I do not know what cause it or how to produce it other then a fluke that the black bird boss did more damage then intended … im guessing when there a lag issue it tend to re-register the on hit multiple times rather then once.

Hi, just to confirm since it is a private server. Could it be that there was a change in the damage settings on your server? Any mods that may cause the issue?

couldn’t reproduce this bug. all dmg-Multipliers in the settings are 1.0 and no Thrall modifying mods used.

He did visit all four Children of Jhil bosses and non of them caused his death. Spinas has beaten them up really bad.

Must be a wired bug then… :thinking:

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hmmm no the private server that on doenst have increase multiplier other wise we would all be dead from fighting anything … im guessing it must just been a weird lag that cause it but it something to keep in mind. cant say what could have cause it.

I just killed the “black bird boss” that drops the tools 5 times as I write this. My thrall is alive and well, missing 1k hp which is normal. No issue here.
What you’re describing could be similar to the rhinocerous bug, where the boss/mob would send your thrall flying and get it killed by fall dmg. I think this was hotfixed a couple of days ago.

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oh and no mod was use to alter any boss damage that i know of.

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